Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neill just offered a very simple, totally patriotic, guaranteed to work, solution to all NFL players protesting the flag.

And one that actually honors, not trashes America.

Basically they just drew a red line in the sand and said put you godamn money where your mouths are or shut up already.

“I’m sick of hearing about protests. It’s time for us to put some action (behind it),” Barkley said according to ABC.

“I’m proud of NFL players for finally getting together with the owners (Tuesday), talking about prison reform and things like that. We’ve got to work with the police. I want these players — they’ve got so much money and so much visibility, they can go to the owners of these teams and say, ‘Hey, listen, let’s go to these communities and put some time and some effort in there.’ We have spent so much time worrying about who’s kneeling and who’s got the fist up, we have not come up with solutions. So I’m sick of hearing about the anthem protests.”

Correct. Look certain communities in America have been left behind. And the truth is it has nothing to with race but politics. Really.

The Democrats were in control of the Federal Government and most state governments – the rise of the GOP is only a recent phenomenon – and as a country we tried to help these communities out.

Because America is by far the most generous country in the history of the world.

But the Democrats, and their intentions were probably pure, ended up hurting these communities.

Instead of giving them paths to own their own homes, build equity, and have pride in ownership, they gave them public housing.

I learned when I was 10 that if you didn’t earn it or own it you won’t respect it. And that goes for jobs, welfare, etc.

They Dems created a culture of dependency that stole the ambition and drive – literally stole the American dream – from huge swaths of people.

What’s needed is what Charles offered – put your money where your mouths are and start investing in and lifting up the communities you claim to want to help.

Instead of talking, actually do something and solve the problem.

And the only solution to this problem is a healthy dose if capitalism, a shot at the American dream. There is no other way and these players have the unique ability to actually make that happen.

Shaq added, “I agree with Chuck. Enough talking. When are we going to do something about it? Let’s just get something done. Make this world a better place.”

Barkley added, “We’re all in this thing together. It ain’t a black or white thing. It ain’t a cop against people. It’s all of us.”


NFL players should honor the flag and invest and bring opportunities to these communities or shut the f*ck up.

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  1. James Cardinal

    These football players for the most part are way too young to have experienced the sort of racism we older folks lived thru. That was a time even then black people had great pride. There seems to be none of that left and Black Lives Matter slogans are a poor substitute. This is what the Great Society brought and you know who came up with that. OBAMA has taken us back 40 years with his racism. It has gotten ugly again.

  2. Fred Oates

    LBJs great society was the most destructive government policy ever implemented in regards to the black American.

  3. Linda Weinberg

    I am an old, Caucasian, Canadian grandmother so my opinion is not personally informed about the experiences of Black persons in the United States. However, from my perspective, the Kneel was one man’s personal and public display about his frustrations while living that life. His wealth or lack of it, wasn’t relevant. For whatever reason, his moment of truth or inspiration or frustration has become a symbol of much of what is unfair, cruel and uncertain in today’s USA. The reaction by your President toward those who kneel has created a larger awareness of the systemic racism that exists in American society. I think those who malign LBJ don’t understand that at the time, governments thought that legislation was all that was needed to effect social change. Clearly it takes much more. The Kneel was just a step in the process.

    • Rebecca Poage

      I agree with Linda Weinberg in her response. As a white woman in the US who lived through the 60’s and accidentally walked with my husband & our infant son into a meeting in which Malcolm X was speaking in early 70’s …we felt the hostile glares & left quickly. I believe many of us whites don’t really GET what complex struggles & repression have been the experience of blacks through the years. I have black friends who are my age and one has been discriminated against in her workplace and fought back legally to get more fair treatment. I like the idea of urging pro athletes to urge NFL owners & players to reach out to help at risk communities. I agree with Linda that recent responses by 45 have exposed how much systemic racism still exists in the US.

    • Deanna

      You’re absolutely wrong! The Irish were also slaves, the Chinese were treated brutally. These worthless players don’t know what being a slave feels like! It’s clearly a cultural thing! Each generation got more and more lax, they were handed everything for free and they became lazy and entitled. Blacks fight each other and kill each other because they hate what they’ve become! Kaepernick isn’t kneeling because he’s been wronged; he’s kneeling because he has a Muslim GF. Muslims hate anyone who isn’t Muslim and they want to take over this country and every other country from the inside out! He’s trying to destroy America because he’s too stupid to know any better!

    • C. Fredericks

      LBJ could have cared less about the blacks in this country. He did what he did because he knew they would continue to vote democrat for the next 40 yrs. those were his words.

  4. Bobby Love

    Charles and Shaq need to google what the Democrat President LBJ said about African Americans and welfare when he started the massive welfare program. Democrats were not pure of heart its all about getting votes and paying for them with tax money. Forget giving jobs and training for jobs.

    • Greg

      Exactly Bobby. Until Black America goes from 95% voting Democrat to 50%, there will be no change. It will be business as usual.


    I have been saying this for a long time. Those Athletes have the juice to make a difference. But they have to WANT to do it. So far they are all show and no go.

  6. Bill

    If the NFL would get in and work I think people would be surprised how many white people would be in there helping them and working with them all so
    These protest have done nothing but divide this country more and more

  7. Teresa Driscoll

    You called it RIGHT Charley and Shaq finally some one to call it like it is. Too much everything is handed out freely no one want to work for it any more especially the millionaire football players, the basket ball players etc.

  8. Toni Strassberg

    Giving a fishing pole where there are no fish, doesn’t help put food in belly.. Sometimes it is good to help put food on table because you really care about helping someone in need. JUST A THOUGHT…..hard to use pole when it is too heavy to lift due to empty stomach…,But I do believe God helps those who help themselves,

  9. Margaret Pat Johnson

    Reply to Deanna I am really curious how old you are as you are SO misinformed and profess to know how all others feel.

    First I am Irish. My grandmother came to NY at age16 and worked as a maid for 2 years to pay back the family that paid for her voyage and room and board.

    She was an indentured servant but in no way a slave. She ended up as a successful business woman owning her own business and land so I’d never call that a slave.

    The same with Chinese business owners. I remember many many business Chinese business owners.

    The rest of your comments are so inane and show you understand little about players, blacks, democrats, entitlements etc. You are trying to paint each group with one brush stroke especially when you make stupid statements such as All Muslims think something

    I’m guessing you are quite young and haven’t had a chance to mature yet

    And to all the rest of you that seem to think that blacks have had it handed to them obviously have no knowledge of how many have worked two and three jobs at a time to make ends meet st low paying jobs as maids, janitors etc

    That’s entitlement?

    My point is don’t talk as if you are an expert at things you seem to know little about.


    GGRRRRR. Who hasn’t worked 2 jobs too just make ends meet. I don’t care what race, creed or color you are. I’m an high school drop out, white and a veteran of the U.S. ARMY. IN THIS COUNTRY OF HELP AND FREEDOM AND OPPORTUNITY YOU WILL THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE HAVE MANY OPTIONS TO CHANGE ,QUIT OR MOTIVATE YOURSELF ,TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE. I CHOSE TO BE A JOURNEYMAN ELECTRICAN AND ALWAYS HAD WORK WHEN THIS COUNTRY WAS IN A RECESSION OR HOMEOWNER SALES WERE DOWN DO TO NO NEW CONSTRUCTION .WITH MOUTHS TO FEED, CLOTHES TO BUY ETC ETC ETC. ..I WORKED WHERE EVER I COULD, I NEVER TURNED DOWN WORK OR OVERTIME. SO I TOO HAVE BEEN A BARTENDER, JANITOR, LANDSCAPER, I DIDN’T LIKE SOME OF THE STRUGGLE BUT I LIKED BEING MY OWN MAN. NOT LIVING ON SOMEBODY ELSE’S MONEY OR THE TAXPAYERS MONEY .DON’T PEOPLE REALISE THE FACT THAT IF YOUR GETTING SOMETHING FOR FREE LIKE EVERYTHING THE GOV HAD TO OFFER.YOU WERE NOT FREE. BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW YOU CUT IT UP YOU HAVE TO JUMP THROUGH HOOPS TO KEEP GETTING THAT FREE MONEY, FOOD STAMPS, HEALTH CARE ECT ETC ETC. ITS ABOUT BUILDING CHARACTER AND INTEGRITY. THAT’S WHY YOU GETUP AND FIND WORK OR TRAINING IF YOU ARE ABLED. THAT WAY YOU DON’T HAVE A GRIP OF PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE TELLING YOU “YOU GOTTA DO THIS OR THAT “IF YOU WANT THIS FREE EXISTENCE ” and you are at least proud of the way you earned it and nobody can take that pride and accomplishments away from you. I believe that if you don’t try to find work and are able then you are a bum,slave or whatever other words there are for lazy dependents of tax dollars. How could you ever feel entitled to anything. Because you’ve never earned anything to be entitled to or look yourself in a mirror with satisfaction of truly being a participant in life or our country. Or just being a loser with bum status for not trying and a burden on the world. ..GOOD LUCK. TAKE CARE ,OLDMAN1. ..OUT


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