Dumb leftist democrats just won’t listen. People only remember WHAT they want to remember… It’s as simple as that…

Watch Obama and Clinton be dirty hypocrites!

Reported by usanewsflash,

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were two of the sleaziest and most vile presidents America has ever seen. Obama refused to follow the Constitution, and Bill’s affairs in and out of the White House became a national – nay, worldwide – disgrace.

Both men were extremely hypocritical, as well.

A new video was just released showing both former world leader supporting Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

See it here…

Well, how about that? Told you! Two big hypocrites!

You never know where Democrats stand because they are constantly flip-flopping on the issues.

While Clinton will be remembered as a far better president than Obama, both men leave behind legacies of distrust, racism, and hypocrisy.

Funny how Democrats never seem to remember their past, huh? Why is that? Shame? Guilt? What, exactly?

How come every time the past is brought up, Dems alway like to say they have “evolved” on the issues? It is truly pathetic and unbecoming of a commander-in-chief.

Either a person supports something or they don’t. Either they like a policy or they don’t. It’s that simple. Be a man and own up to it. Own what you said and what you did.

Otherwise, you just come off looking like a petty fool.

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Trump is the man!

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