I hope that when I die, nobody treats me the way that liberals sickeningly went after Rush Limbaugh. It is simply disgusting.

One of the things that you have to remember about Democrats is that they will never pass up a chance to talk bad about someone no matter what the circumstances are.

It is like when I had a member of the family pass away a couple of years ago and a member of the family who had an issue with the recently deceased person went online and unloaded on this person like there was no tomorrow. It was awful and the presence of this person at the funeral was definitely a sight to behold.

Under normal circumstances, speaking poorly about somebody who has just died has been considered bad taste and inhuman.

One day we’ll all be there. But these aren’t normal circumstances. Rush Limbaugh said out loud what people were thinking but didn’t dare to actually speak.

Today, if you say something the MSM doesn’t like, you’re canceled. Destroyed. Admittedly, he’s not martyred, but once somebody passes away, it doesn’t matter what detractors say anymore.

He repeatedly had to tell people where he came from since our educational system has been so bad for so long. People thought that if you’re wealthy, it was just handed to you. You didn’t actually earn it.

Rush Limbaugh spent many times on the skids. He was a college drop out. He regularly lost gigs as a deejay and talk show host. He spent a lot of 1974 jobless in his parents’ basement.

Limbaugh tried to be honest with his audience
At a time when people are condescendingly told the truth is relative. People are starved for somebody to talk to them straight. The truth resulted in a five decade career on the radio that net him five black luxury sedans, a private jet and a beautiful ocean front Palm Beach estate.

He had his own demons like we all do. He lost weight, went through four marriages and an addiction to opioid painkillers he was lucky to live through. He was also almost totally deaf.

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III

Somebody who hates Republicans might say he was born with a silver spoon. His birthplace is Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a small town on the Illinois border. Hugely Republican, few minorities, with judges and lawyers.

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    • Nikita63

      They are also bereft of intelligence, any moral conscience or traditional AMERICAN values , religious faith or willingness to be either responsible or accountable for their acts , no matter how Heinous, seditionist, treasonous and UNAMERICAN THEY MIGHT BE. WE WILL BE FAR BETTER OFF WITHOUT THEM AFTER A DAY OF RECKONING THAT I BELIEVE IS NOW NOT VERY FAR IN THE FUTURE.

  1. WhiteFalcon

    Liberals, commies, Nazis, socialists, progressives, and liberals, all the same thing with different names, should be banned form our country and kicked out in exile and have their citizenship permanently revoked.


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