If there is one thing that we have all learned about Trey Gowdy by now it is that he is someone that is more than willing to tell you the truth and not care how it affects your feelings.

Quite honestly, we need more people in the world like that. There are far too many people that are willing to sacrifice being genuine in order to make people feel better.

And with everything going on in the world right now, I would honestly want someone that will tell me the truth if it means I have to have my bubble burst once in a while.

Former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy has a suggestion for Joe Biden: if he wants to promote “unity” in the United States, he should start with New York.

“Biden says he wants to unify the country and be the president for everyone. How about just start with people who died in nursing homes and their families in New York?” Gowdy told Fox News’ Special Report in an interview on February 12.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a directive at the start of the pandemic that ordered the transfer of COVID-infected patients into nursing homes, where the group of people most susceptible to the virus were supposed to be kept safe.

The data originally released by the Cuomo administration ended up being fake, as new information shows that the governor’s directive took the lives of significantly more elderly New York residents than previously reported. A senior aide to Cuomo released a report showing that the governor and his team held back coronavirus death data out of fear that it would be used against them by the Department of Justice.

USA Today reported that the “true death toll of New York nursing home residents is around 13,000 people, as opposed to the state’s 8,677 figure.”

In the interview, Trey Gowdy stated that if Biden truly wants to take on the “big task” of uniting all Americans, he needs to start by reaching out to the most vulnerable people. He needs to get justice for elderly victims of Governor Cuomo’s failed policies.

“Just start with the people who died in nursing homes in New York, Mr. President,” Gowdy said.

Mollie Hemingway, a Fox News contributor, jumped in to point out that Cuomo’s “very bad policy decisions” surrounding COVID were celebrated by the mainstream media.

“This is really scandalous behavior, and it’s worth remembering that the media did praise him, giving him awards and putting him out there as one of the best governors for handling this. They should’ve been more critical as were many people in conservative media,” Hemingway said.

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4 Responses

  1. Phil F

    Governor Death, lauded by the fake news media, celebrated by his fellow democrats as he killed 13,000 Americans.

  2. ox

    I hate to tell Gowdy, Lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe could start with New York, and this f/in liar will still not unite the country. Lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe’s unity is nothing more than Submission to the liberal commie Democrats. Kiss the ring of the anointed lying corrupt Quid Pro King Joe, kneel before the liberal commie Democrats and ye shall have unity.

  3. Jesse

    Given that Cuomo is a Democrap and LIES by simply existing anyone one with a brain knew he cooked the books because he does not want sued because in his INFINITE IGNORANCE he after being told the elderly and infirm were those at highest Risk of Death from Covid sent those with Covid to Nursing homes. He LIED to protect his wallet and his life. I mean look at all the Manslaughter cases he should face. He would NEVER see freedom were he to live a Billion years.


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