A spy in the U.S. Department of Defense was arrested in Erbil, Iraq, and flown to the United States for further interrogation. The criminal charges are so serious that the contract translator could be sentenced to death if a jury finds her guilty. She intentionally gave the names of eight covert intelligence assets to Iran’s proxy mercenaries, Hezbollah.

Iran’s Spy compromised valuable assets

Mariam Taha Thompson, a 61-year-old U.S. Defense Department contract linguist, was stationed in the Mid-East at a “special operations facility” in Erbil, Iraq, since mid-December of 2019. On December 30, “after a U.S. airstrike on Iranian-backed forces in Iraq, Thompson’s activity on the Department of Defense network made a ‘notable shift’ when she accessed files about eight spying sources,” according to the documents charging Thompson.

Then, in February, the Federal Bureau of Instigation “discovered a note in Arabic hidden in her mattress.” The reason it was hidden was because it listed the names of the eight undercover “intelligence sources” she exposed. Apparently the information had already been leaked.

The “sensitive national defense information,” was handed off to her contact, “a Lebanese national located overseas,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers confirms. Because her crime was committed “in a war zone” they are especially serious. “If true, this conduct is a disgrace. This betrayal of country and colleagues will be punished.”


Spy could get the death penalty

Thompson, reports note, will be locked tightly in a deep hole “until at least March 11.” They’ll drag her out to appear in court “for another hearing about whether she’ll stay in jail as she awaits trial.” Magistrate Judge Robin Meriweather braced the defendant to expect the worst.

“If she is found guilty,” the judge advised, the charges “carry potential life sentences that could also include the death penalty.” Prosecutor John Cummings pointed out that she poses “a grave and imminent threat to US assets in a military zone.” Thompson hasn’t entered a plea.

The Department of Defense released a statement acknowledging they are “aware that the Department of Justice charged a DoD contractor with serious criminal offenses.” they promise to cooperate with the investigation.” press secretary Alyssa Farah also notes, “DoD is taking all necessary precautions to protect its forces and its intelligence sources.”

Before she became a spy in the Middle East, Thompson lived in Rochester, Minnesota, Ilhan Omar’s state, known to be a hotbed of radical Muslim ideas. Thompson wasn’t born in the U.S.A. but she is a citizen, and a traitor.

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  1. Wisewolf

    If it was up to me, her hanging would be on pay per view at $45.00 including tax’s and I would have the entire congress watching it, then after wards I would make a statement “Does everyone get the message?”

  2. Robert

    Now this is just like some to convict someone just because they have been arrested and charged with a crime. Would it not be proper to await what the court system and see what they decide on the case if there is one. Many persons have been framed for crimes they never committed, the innocence project ids living proof of that.
    Just people fanning the flames when there is nothing of vital importance here except to try to put down anyone who is not a a white American.

    • Ron Hopkins

      I agree with almost everything you say here except your f::ken stupid ending about non-white people. I’m white and that’s a f::ken racist remark! Go f::k yourself you asshole! You put all white people in the category of racists! Go kiss your BLM communist asses you clown! Nuff said!

  3. DazzleMe

    Make an example of her and execute her. What she did was in-defendable!

  4. Nelson W. Lentz

    No life in prison.
    No plea bargian.
    No ridiculously lenient sentence.
    Better yet, cut off a piece of her body for every personal asset and military person who loses their life as a result of her disgusting treachery and treason until there’s noting left of her!!

  5. Ron Hopkins

    If guilty this woman should be given the firing squad. But knowing this country’s PC she’ll just get ten years and then out. It’s time to start eliminating these spy scum who are traitors to our country. We need to especially with China’s spy’s which we have many.

  6. Bruce Walters

    If they are going to execute this woman for espionage and treason, they should go after the Obama’s for the same charges

  7. Big Ed

    What the hell is wrong with our spy corps? The ones that aren’t bad seem to be terrible. When you live in a swamp, I guess you shouldn’t drink the water-it does nasty things to your ability to think. At this point it looks like the only solution which might fix it is the “eliminate” the terrible ones and fire the rest. I don’t think I’ve heard anything positive about anyone in the Intel Community since 2008 (wait a minute, isn’t that when Obama became president?).

  8. Larry

    Just another anti-American brought to this country by the Mullah Obama.

  9. Jesse

    Bet she is an Obozo hire. She should be hanged publicly to show Obozo and his flunkies what awaits them.

  10. Major

    She wasn’t born here maybe that’s why she has no loyalty to this country, she could be released while waiting trial, don’t even think about it Yes there are many radical Muslims here in MN, the liberal idiots that run the Twin Cities have actively recruited a large majority from Somalia, there are sections like Little Somalia that white people aren’t welcome in, you could get attacked by gangs of Vermin, that live off the taxpayers, want to know what they’re like, just think Omar,


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