Archeologists have found a well preserved shipwreck off the Spanish island of Mallorca. It is an ancient Roman vessel with most of it’s cargo still intact. It would have been nice had the ship carried gold, silver or precious jewels, but of course it doesn’t. What it does have are a lot of jars containing oil, wine and fish sauces. 93 jars of it. Most of them still sealed. Since the cargo is so intact, it indicates that something benign caused the ship to sink, such as a leak. The cargo is in great condition considering how fragile and ancient it is.

From Fox News

Archaeologists have discovered a hoard of Roman jars on an ancient shipwreck off the Spanish island of Mallorca.

In a statement, the Council of Mallorca (Consell de Mallorca) said that 93 amphorae — those are ancient jars — have been retrieved from the wreck near Palma, the island’s capital.

In a news conference last week, officials explained that the wreck was found earlier this summer. “The department’s priority has been to protect the wreckage and recover the amphorae,” said Kika Coll, council minister.

The ship, which dates to some time from the middle to late third century A.D., is believed to have been traveling from the Iberian Peninsula to Rome when it sank. It had been loaded up with oil, wine and fish sauces, according to the council.

Experts said the well-preserved wreck is unlikely to have gone down in a violent storm. Indeed, a number of theories have arisen about the ship’s demise, including the possibility that it may have sunk as a result of a leak or unrest among its crew.

Other Roman-era shipwrecks have been grabbing attention recently. Researchers, for example, claim to have identified an anchor from St. Paul’s shipwreck on the island of Malta.

Earlier this year, archaeologists discovered the wreck of an “undisturbed” Roman-era ship off the east coast of Cyprus.

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