The Biden administration left behind hundreds of US-sponsored journalists and their families in Afghanistan after the chaotic withdrawal from the Taliban-controlled country.

Despite President Biden promising to get every journalist out, the reporters employed by the US Agency for Global Media were left stranded.

As per Fox News, Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) journalists were unable to get aboard the last flights from Afghanistan on Monday.

Josh Rogin, an American journalist who serves as a foreign policy columnist for the Global Opinions section of The Washington Post and as a political analyst for CNN posted a tweet saying hundreds of funded Afghans are left behind.

Republican Texas Rep. Michael McCaul released a statement, “It is absolutely disgraceful the U.S. State Department claimed they evacuated their local employees when in reality they abandoned hundreds of USAGM journalists and their families. Some of these journalists were given express assurances by the Biden Administration that they would be treated as locally employed staff – but were not, My office was working with one of these journalists and tried for two weeks to get attention brought to his case so he, his wife, and his infant child could be saved – but our pleas were ignored. I am calling on the president and the State Department to rapidly find ways to get these people to safety and away from the threats President Biden and Secretary Blinken enabled.”

I cannot imagine how Biden keeps breaking his promises and still manages to keep his post. Step down in shame!

Sources: The Gateway Pundit, NYPost, Fox News, Wikipedia

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    The ”Fake News” has served it’s purpose. Did they really believe he Bidenreich cared for them or any American?

  2. Original Anna

    Why isn’t the Washington Post and CNN mentioning this little detail. Aren’t they big enough medias to make a scandal to get these journalists out if they are still alive. Maybe this article should be sent to FOX News.


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