When you thought that Biden’s America is safe now, wait until this Irineo Mujica-led caravan reaches our borders.

We all have witnessed how destructive the border has been ever since Biden took over the office earlier this year, with endless amnesty given to illegal aliens who not only bring threat to our security but also will give more chance of bringing in COVID virus to the United States.

This is what Biden does, giving expectations to illegal aliens who will risk traveling to be accepted with open arms.

The caravan was organized by one Irineo Mujica, who was born in Mexico and now has dual U.S.-Mexican citizenship after receiving an amnesty in 1986 for entering the country illegally.

Mujica has been organizing migrant caravans for years intending to bring as many Mexican and Central American migrants into the United States as possible.

Mujica has said in a statement, “President Biden’s handling of the situation at the border, claiming that Biden “doesn’t seem to have a clue” and that he isn’t doing enough to bring in illegal immigrants.”

A video posted by Griff Jenkins on his Twitter account just simply shows how a big mess is coming to our borders wherein Mexican police can’t even handle the countless aliens pushing through.

We are in big trouble and Biden seems to ignore the aftermath of these caravans as the police were evidently under orders to not use any force against the caravan; they appear to have stood passively until the migrants shoved their way through.

Source: News Hour First

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