Meghan McCain announced Thursday that she will be leaving The View after the current season concludes in July.

The news came as a shock to everyone, especially her co-hosts who had no clue Meghan was planning to leave. They found out live on the air.

Meghan claims she’s leaving to take care of her new daughter…and that may be true, but a story we did a couple of weeks ago maybe the REAL reason Meghan is leaving the show.

“It was a recent decision,” the insider says. “ABC did want her to stay, but it was her decision for quite a few reasons that she said in her statement — that she decided along with her family that it was her time to step back.”

During Thursday’s episode of the daily talk show, McCain, 36, cited her life in Washington, D.C. with husband Ben Domenech and 9-month-old daughter Liberty as one of the reasons for her exit.

“This was not an easy decision,” she told viewers. “It took a lot of thought and counsel and prayer, and talking to my family and my close friends, and, you know, look — COVID has changed the world for all of us and it changed the way, at least for me, the way I am looking at life, the way I’m living my life, the way I want my life to look like.”

“They did want her to come back to the New York studio,” the source says of ABC. “And in D.C., her family is there, her mom’s a new ambassador now and she’ll be in D.C., Ben’s situated there for work, and his family — her in-laws — are there. The geography was a big piece of it.”

It is unclear if McCain is fielding projects outside of ABC, though she does have an Audible book coming out in September, the source adds.

Things have gotten so bad on the show with all the screaming and telling and personal jabs, that viewers have complained – and complained so much, that the actual president of ABC had to have a pow-wow with the cat ladies.

The biggest source of angst is between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain – and a couple of weeks back, they got in yet another huge fight over anti-semitism.

According to a source, ABC News President Kim Godwin called a last-minute meeting of “The View’s” co-host and producers telling them they need to improve the behind-the-scenes culture of the show immediately.

The virtual meeting was called after ABC was flooded with pleas to fire McCain over her attacks on Behar, who it should be noted attacks the conservative quite a bit as well.

The insiders said that Godwin, who only just took over as head of ABC earlier this month, told the women that things have gotten way too personal on the show, not with the issues being debated, but with the personal attacks. She added that it’s coming off as toxic to viewers and that she does not want the program to move in this direction any further.

McCain, however, was not having any of it. Sources said that she stormed out of the meeting before it ended because she felt like she was being “attacked.”

During the segment on Monday that sparked this fight, expressed her desire to see the same energy put into actions against Jews from the left.

“I would love Democrats to put that same type of energy on to what’s happening on the left, because, quite frankly, this is how people get red-pilled,” she said. “They’re red-pilled when they see the blatant bias in the media because the media doesn’t want the ‘Squad’ to look bad. They just want [Marjorie Taylor Greene] to look bad.”

Behar responded by saying that she resented what the conservative was saying. She said she’s been fighting against anti-Semitism on the show for “25 years,” and that McCain should have some “respect.” That’s when things exploded, as McCain was not having any of it.
Check out the segment that went too far.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, People

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