The vaccine dilemma has always been in the air after it was forced by the Biden administration as a big requirement for all essentials.

The capabilities of these vaccines are still a big question as more and more evidence that it is not likely to be taken by almost all of us except it’s badly needed.

Supposedly, the vaccine should protect us from COVID-19, right? But that is not what’s happening as per records, more COVID cases are amongst the vaccinated people. Yikes!

This is just a sign that the vaccine should not be forced on everyone who does not need it. For instance, if you’re body can produce immunity, why take a jab when it’s too unnecessary?

Just take a look at what happened when this local Aussie newscaster was trying to talk about “COVID-19” but just picked the wrong word…

This news clip is real, and it happened back in April, but it just started making the rounds again on the internet.

A local news anchor in Australia has slipped up telling that a vaccine has just been made to cure people who are dying from the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Watch it here:

This has been really bizarre after this video was way back from April but it’s still on the trend, maybe it’s only explaining something that it’s more than just a “Freudian slip” but an actual slip of reality about the vaccination program.

The reality of the problem is that the Government is not thinking about how to properly use the vaccine and recklessly violates human rights and freedom of will.

Biden administration really messed up big time when in terms of their COVID-19 handling while more issues arise, we cannot just set aside these scientific facts of these vaccine shots.

Watch it here: Youtube/Ausnet TV

Source: WayneDupree

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