Millions of people around the world are worried about Facebook’s long downtime. But there are rumors circulating online that could put Facebook in serious trouble.

Across the United States, millions of users of Facebook are using the platform for work, business, and study, and what happened to them was a big shock to all of its users as it seems it’s a big sign that is coming.

Many speculations and theories that it may have been a sign that Facebook will be gone soon.

This downtime really revealed how big the impact is if Facebook will be gone.

During the incident, New York Times has reported via wrote, “JUST IN – Facebook employees reportedly can’t enter buildings to evaluate the Internet outage because their door access badges weren’t working (NYT)”

But we all know that all employees have their own designation and incharges but sure is, there is a team who is responsible for the down and repair…

Few hours passed, it was reported that again by via Twitter that everything is okay now.

Cernovich has a sensible theory he wrote, “It may be obvious when stated but it’s not obvious when unstated. Today ended the antitrust debate. No one company can have this much control over the infrastructure.”

We all know how influential and manipulative administration we have currently and it’s vast to think how far they could control situations and the downtime may be a test of how we are all being relying on these huge social media companies, but it’s just another threat if the Government steps in while Biden is still in power.

Such a big mistake in case that happens.

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