One egg at McDonald’s costs $2.60? Well, it’s payback time. Here are some ways to save loads of money as a TikTok user puzzled out a dazzling way to save funds on your favorite McDonald’s breakfast meals.

In the video posted on Tiktok, the user HellthyJunkFood (@hellthyjunkfood) explained that there’s an easy way to stop getting cheated at McDonald’s when ordering their food in the morning – or any time of day you want to avail their breakfast meals.

The said video has startled the online world with its fast-food hacks, that guarantee to keep your wallet nice and full and at the same time, fill you up with breakfast meals or items from McDonald’s.

Along with this new McDonald’s menu trick, the TikTok user has revealed some inventive ways to save money at other fast-food joints, like Five Guys Burgers and Starbucks. These strategies include saving $2 off the menu price for a “Dirty Chai” at Starbucks as well as getting “free refills” and having a “free burger” from Five Guys.

You can start saving money at McDonald’s when you order your eggs on the side, according to HellthyJunkFood (@hellthyjunkfood). Rather than ordering breakfast sandwiches, you need to switch things up and order them the way he suggests so you can save money when ordering breakfast sandwiches from McDonald’s.

According to Yahoo News, McDonald’s sells its Sausage McMuffin and Sausage Biscuit for just $1.19; However, if you want to get egg on the sandwich, you’ll end up paying a staggering $3.50 for the order. It doesn’t make sense that one egg should cost the customer “$2.60 to get one egg,” as the TikTok user added.

HellthyJunkFood’s host says in the clip:

“What? It costs $2.60 to get one egg?”
“I can get a dozen eggs at [the store] for $2.15.”
“You’re getting ripped off”

Rather than ordering the sausage sandwich with egg, you need to order a “folded egg” on the side as McDonald’s charges just $1 for a folded egg. You can then easily place the egg onto the sandwich to get the completed version but at a much lower price. The TikTok user also added that when you create your own sandwich with this method, you get the “same” breakfast sandwich for $2.19 — as opposed to paying almost $4 for the exact same thing.

I bet everybody wants to save nearly 50% on their McDonald’s breakfast sandwich by using these simple tricks.

HellthyJunkFood’s host added:

“If you go to McDonald’s and order their breakfast sandwich, it costs (so much more). If you build your own egg white sandwich on the side, which is actually better because they put butter on the English muffin for some reason? You’re saving money! It gives me a warm feeling inside that I just saved someone 50 cents.”

The TikTok user then ended the video saying his payback for what the food chain did to him is he wants us to save money when getting McDonald’s breakfast, which is the best deal in the morning. He also added that we can get “free refills” at Starbucks by using a simple tactic

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