A young, thriving, and energetic mother of three were on her way to work when something happened that led to another driver chasing her down. What happened next almost killed her.

Surveillance video acquired by FOX 2 shows a driver following Jamie Peters’ car on Highway JJ near Bourbon, Missouri. They continued traveling about four miles into town. What happened next almost killed Jamie.

Cullen Oldham, Jamie’s boyfriend said that he will never forget the phone call he received from Jamie’s mom. Jamie is now recovering from brain damage after the roadside attack.

Oldham said:

“Her mom called me and said, ‘What happened to Jamie?’ and I said, ‘What do you mean, what happened to Jamie?’ and she said, ‘She’s in the ICU in St. Louis. She’s been attacked.’”

Watch it here: Youtube/FOX 2 St. Louis

Jamie was on her way to work the morning of Aug. 17, when something happened that led to another driver chasing her down.

Oldham added:

He followed her about four and a half to five miles down the road, back all the way into town. Everybody’s asked me ‘Why did Jamie stop?’ We don’t really know why she stopped. The particular place she pulled in at is right in the middle of town and we just assume that maybe she felt like she was safe and that she could confront the person that was following her.”

According to FOX 2, An eyewitness who did not want to be identified personally witnessed the incident.

The witness said:

 “I got up at 7:30 a.m. I heard someone screaming outside—yelling, you know—so I opened up the door and she said something to him, and he did a roundhouse on her – complete around and she flew through the air 15 feet.”

Jamie fell and hit her head. The witness said he identified the man to the authorities; however, after almost three months, the family began to lose hope to get justice. Then just this past weekend – an arrest.

Joseph Voisey, 34 years old, has been charged with felony assault. He’s a stranger to Jamie but lives surprisingly nearby as he lives within a mile of them according to Jamie’s boyfriend.

News of possible justice came within 24 hours of another development. Jamie came home this past Thursday, where she will continue her possible lifelong rehabilitation.

FOX 2 has reached out to Voisey and his family; however, they remained silent.

Jamie’s mother set up a GoFundMe to help with her rehab.

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