First and foremost, President Trump is stunning.

He’s slimmed down, he’s got a golden tan, and that ear-to-ear beaming smile is stunning.

This picture of him and Vernon Jones is amazing, but it’s more about what Trump has on his wall than it is about the two of them…

A collage of framed images can be found on the walls behind the two guys… And there’s the fact that they’re… All of his “best moments” from his first term in office are captured in the images.

Isn’t that a breathtaking sight?

We agree that Trump’s presidency has produced some incredible moments, but one Twitter user suggested another fantastic addition:

This really brings home how boring the world is without Trump as president, and many users were delighted to see these incredible pictures commemorated in his office:

Trump is on the right side of history.

Trump is my favorite president.

Mr. President, I appreciate your time and consideration.

Biden has remained in the broom closet to this day, and the world misses him.

I miss having a President who cared so much about the world.

He’s a true classic. Is he slimmer now?

Since beating the China Virus, circling the hospital, and waving to his fans should be on the list.

He could, of course! It’s all too tempting to get caught up in the challenges, struggles, and so on, but we must remember our victories and maintain our composure in the face of adversity!

That last statement is the most accurate.

Trump and his supporters have faced many challenges, but it’s important to remember to celebrate and cherish the victories while still believing that better days are on the way.


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