A Woke Wisconsin school district has instructed its teaching staff that in case the students reveal their gender identities to them, they should not reveal the same to the parents of the students.

Michael Johnson, the Woke Wisconsin superintendent who became the center of a parent-teacher firestorm after leaked documents revealed instructors told parents they must “earn” the right to know their children’s sexual identity, and showed the school pushed a “heterosexual privilege” checklist.

Teachers of the Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin were told that if a student told a staff member they were gay or transgender, it should not be revealed to the child’s parents.

Here’s a portion of the statement in the slide in the training presentation:

“Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned.” 

More details of the story from the Daily Mail:

A woke Wisconsin school district has instructed its teaching staff not to reveal pupils’ gender identities, should students reveal it to their teachers while in class.

The absurd instructions were explained to educators and included as part of staff development training with the Eau Claire School District.

Staff was specifically told that if a student told a staff member they were gay or transgender, they should not reveal such information to the child’s parents.

The district’s aggressive push for “gender-nonconforming” accommodations has irked parents and educators who say the school’s training and policy changes surrounding the issue have gone too far.

Ian Prior, a senior adviser at America First Legal and creator of the Fight for Schools PAC, said:

“The actions of the Eau Claire Area School District are not only dangerous to the mental, emotional and physical health of its students, but they also violate the constitutional rights of parents to make choices about their family life and upbringing of their children.”

Johnson claims that the rule is to “ensure students feel safe particularly if they are ‘unable to be themselves’ while at home.”

Woke Wisconsin superintendent Michael Johnson

100 Percent Fedup noted:

And indeed it is parents, not teachers, who should have control over decisions regarding their child’s sexuality. With all of the grooming that goes on in schools, it is important that parents catch it early if their child develops sudden tendencies towards a differing sexuality.

True, some kids really are gay, but they normally don’t discover it until later in life. And certainly, they should not be taking actions towards their sexuality at a young age. Parents have a right to know.

Sources: 100percentfedup, Daily Mail:

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