One McKinney, Texas resident didn’t expect that she’ll become a victim of a credit card skimmer of a card reader at a local 7-Eleven that drained her bank account.

Nyshje Rattler recorded a video of her discovery and shared it on TikTok.

“I’ve always heard of it happening at the gas pumps. I always tug on it, but I’ve never heard of it happening inside a store,” said Rattler. “I didn’t think it would happen in McKinney of all places.”

She told the NBC affiliate that she first discovered something was up when she tried to buy a bag of potato chips at a convenience store last week and was informed that “They said: You don’t have the money. And I said: Excuse me?” she said.

Worried about what was going on, she contacted her bank and was told that her account had been ‘wiped clean.’

Watch it here: NBCNews/Youtube

She added that her bank told her there were numerous transactions made on her account, “They said $300 was spent at Walmart in Houston. $200 at a Walmart in Katy. $187 at a Walmart in Houston,” Rattler said. “I was like, ‘That’s not me.’”

She then remembered that she made a purchase on Monday night at the 7-Eleven along Medical Center Drive where she makes small purchases about five times a week.

“He [the cashier] was obsessive about how I placed the pen down so I thought that was weird,” she said. “I kept replaying it in my head.”

Thinking about what happened; she remembered about credit card skimmers in Los Angeles and decided to return to the store to inspect both card readers.

She said “I compared the two and I noticed that the one I grabbed was bulkier on the side, kind of sticking out. It wasn’t flat like they said. So, I just lifted it up and it came up.”

Police told KTVT-TV, “The skimmer is made up of a replacement cover, likely purchased online by a criminal, outfitted with a computer board that can be accessed wirelessly, and placed on top of the store’s identical credit card reader.”

Rattler remembered and added, “He [the cashier] was obsessive about how I placed the pen down so I thought that was weird,” she said. “I kept replaying it in my head.”

The case is now handed to McKinney Police who are now investigating the incident and said skimmers are devices criminals place over credit card readers to collect card numbers.

McKinney Police Department spokeswoman Carla Marion Reeves said, “The skimmer is being forensically examined right now.”

7-Eleven provided a statement and said it “takes allegations involving card skimmers very seriously. 7-Eleven inspects gas pumps and card readers regularly and cooperates closely with law enforcement regarding related investigations.”

Meanwhile, the video Rattler posted on TitTok has been viewed over 21 million times in its first week. This case can serve as a lesson to all of us. Anyone can become a victim at any time.

Sources: Western Journal, NBC, KTVT TV

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