When you were a child, being a teacher seemed like one of the easiest and best occupations you could have. They get to tell everyone what to do and if you didn’t listen, even your mom was on their side. They could sit in cool lounges and students would do almost anything to make it on the teacher’s good list.

However, once you grew up and it was time to pick a career, being a teacher becomes more of a debate. It’s no secret that they are overworked and underpaid. Suddenly ‘shaping the minds of tomorrow’ doesn’t seem so glorious. This is the point Elisabeth Milich was trying to make when she posted her low salary online but the outcome was beyond her wildest imagination.

Elisabeth Milich is an elementary school teacher in Arizona and has been for over 20 years. Upon receiving her raise for the new year, she decided she couldn’t keep it to herself. The amount was so unbelievably low, to begin with, let alone the tiny raise she was given.

Yes, you read it right, Milich’s pay stub is beyond disturbing. She wants to support the West Virginia teachers and show America how teachers don’t make a livable wage.

Milich’s pay stub showed that she received a “gargantuan” $131 raise compared to last year which bumped her salary up from $35,490 to $35,621.

Milich’s Facebook post, which has been removed according to TODAY, she wrote:

“I actually laughed when I saw the old salary versus the new one. I need a college degree to make this? I know I don’t make a lot of money, but then when I see it in black and white I’m like ‘wow!’ I mean, I love teaching, absolutely love it, but when you see what the salary is, you cannot live on it.”

Millich, who has been teaching for seven years, is a second-grade teacher at Whispering Wind Academy in Phoenix, Arizona, a state where there are some of the lowest-paid public school teachers in the country. Their average salary is $47,218 compared to the national average of $58,353.

In addition, Milich says that teachers are often left to pay for supplies for students like markers and tape without being compensated. She’s also still paying off her student loans 20 years after graduating from college.

Though Milich says she is fortunate to only have one teaching job because of her husband’s salary, she says some of her fellow teachers aren’t so lucky.

“My teacher friends that I work with, they work three and four jobs to make ends meet,” she said. “I know teachers that teach kindergarten all day long and then they leave and they go waitress at Applebee’s.”

“If you are a single person trying to make it on what we make, you couldn’t do it,” Milich told KTVK.

And studies show that Milich is correct and found that teaching has become an unsustainable profession.

A 2017 study by the Arizona State University’s Morrison Institute for Public Policy said that teacher recruitment and retention levels in Arizona are at “crisis” levels.

The study also found that almost half, or 42 percent, of Arizona teachers who were hired in 2013 left the profession after three years and that the state’s elementary school teachers are paid the lowest in the country.

Watch the video below for more details:


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  1. nonstopca

    It’s like trusting your child’s education to a part time Walmart greeter…..

  2. Ron Hopkins

    First off your salary should be based on your children’s education not on how many years you teach . There are many bad teachers, and good teachers but because of the teachers unions pay is based on seniority rather than how good your pupils are learning academics! In Georgia they passed children just to hit the quota to get their raises. In Massachusetts 50 percent of the teachers tested failed the subject they teach. We have built up teachers for decades yet for decades our children’s education has gotten worse. Now not all of this is the teachers fault but enough to start fixing it.


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