In the latest round of a decades-long battle over full disclosure of what the government did and didn’t know about Kennedy’s murder and his killer, Lee Harvey Oswald will have new evidence laid out next week.

These documents have been kept secret by the CIA and the FBI for decades, according to the Daily Wire.

The 1992 President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act required all the records to be collected and nearly all made public. It also created 5-member Assassination Records Review Board to weigh the disclosure of the most sensitive information, like secret government informants and agents.

More details of this report from DailyWire:

According to POLITICO, correspondence between the National Archives and Records Administration and other agencies revealed that the CIA and FBI wanted the documents secret because intelligence and law-enforcement informants from the era of the assassination who are still alive could be at risk by being publicly identified.

New York attorney Larry Schnapf filed a federal lawsuit in October against President Biden and the National Archives in which he demanded the release of the remaining assassination documents. He obtained the correspondence between the Archives and the other agencies with a Freedom of Information Act request.

One of Schnapf’s clients, Jefferson Morley, the Vice President of the Mary Ferrell Foundation, said he thought 44 of the unreleased documents mention a covert CIA program involving Cuba and Lee Harvey Oswald, who has historically been acknowledged as Kennedy’s assassin.

“What are they hiding? There’s 44 documents that we know exist, that are assassination-related but have not been released. And they relate to covert programs in which George Joannides was involved,” Morley said, referring to a man who guided an anti-Fidel Castro group and came into contact with Oswald when he was connected to a pro-Castro group. “There was authorized operational activity around Oswald before the assassination. And that’s what’s in these withheld documents.”

To put more pressure on the Biden regime,  a recent NBC News poll found that over 70% of voters wanted President Biden to order the rest of the JFK assassination records released on December 15.

“There’s not a lot that unites a lot of American voters these days, but one of the few things that does is to see President Biden release the long-overdue JFK files as he promised a year ago,” Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi stated.

The only living remaining member of that board is U.S. District Court Judge John Tunheim, who presides from a bench at the Minneapolis federal courthouse. He spent his first two years as a judge wrapping up the ARRB’s 1998 report on the records. They’ve since been released in dribs and drabs in 2017, 2018, and 2021.

Since then, a Massachusetts non-profit has sued the federal government, saying that keeping the remaining records secret so far violates the 1992 records act. The Mary Ferrell Foundation filed its suit after Biden postponed the release of a tranche of 16,000 records last year.

That postponement is supposed to end next week.

Sources: DailyWire, Politico, NBC News poll

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