We all have people that we know that the only reason they end up trying to contact us is so that they can get something in return.

I have someone that I know who lives in the town I grew up in that a few years ago looked me up online and we began talking back and forth every so often. We would talk as if nothing was ever amiss and one day he told me to give him a call if I was ever in town and to stop by to say hello.

So, I did. Took my wife on a trip back home once and gave the guy a call telling him what day we were going to be home. The bastard tried to get me to chop firewood with him.

You have to be careful of people like that.

A RINO who flip-flops almost daily is taking a trip to Mar-a-Lago to once again try to make amends with President Donald Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham is on his way to Trump’s Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, to spend time on the golf course with Donald Trump, despite the fact that just a few weeks ago, he was busy stabbing Trump and his supporters in the back.

Immediately after the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 6, Graham used the riot as an excuse to turn on President Trump, claiming that the violence was a direct result of his claims of election fraud.

According to CNN, Graham is meeting with Trump “in hopes of bridging a growing rift in the top echelon of the Republican Party… Graham has said in recent weeks he is concerned with how the feud between Trump and McConnell will affect Republicans’ chances in next year’s midterm elections.”

The problem is, the feud between Trump and McConnell isn’t something simple that can be fixed with a conversation.

Trump, along with a large portion of Republican voters, see McConnell as an establishment figure that has no real regard for the policy priorities of average Republicans. While Trump fought for things that the American people wanted, McConnell seems to only be focused on slowing Democrat efforts to radically change the country. Instead of trying to shift government policy to the right, RINOs and establishment Republicans seem to just want to slow its move to the left.

That includes Lindsey Graham, who pretends to fight for Republican causes while turning on the Republican base and playing nice with the Democrats every chance he gets.

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  1. ox

    These RINO’s change there direction like the wind. It’s time to get rid of McConnell, Graham, and Romney, and Cheney. The all need to be replaced with a different breed of Republican.

    • sandyj

      I sure hope people in their districts replace them. They are ridiculous calling themselves servants of the “we, the people!”


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