As anyone can tell you, there are certain situations where you buy things that you only need for the period of time that the situation lasts, and then you get rid of them.

For example, when I moved a few years ago we had purchased a whole bunch of moving boxes. We kept the boxes and were packing things into them until about four days before the move. We ended up only needing about half of them so we were able to take them back for a refund. We didn’t keep the boxes that we didn’t need.

Same thing with buying orange juice. You don’t keep the carton once you’re done. Seems like Democrats in Michigan are subscribing to that same premise, just for a far more sinister purpose than moving into a new house…

With no congressional approval or constitutional authority, Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson made the unilateral decision to mail absentee ballot applications to 7.7 million addresses in Michigan, hiding behind the Chinese pandemic as an excuse.

Local media outlets in Michigan claimed that Benson mailed the ballots to qualified voters, but that claim is not accurate, as 17-year-olds (the voting age in Michigan is 18-yrs.-old), dead people, foreign students who no longer live in the United States, and people who have moved from Michigan to another state, also received absentee ballot applications.

In September 2020, Benson revealed that 500,000 of the 7.7 million unsolicited absentee ballot applications had been returned between May and August. The far-left MI Secretary of State told the Detroit News that she would perform voter list “maintenance” after the November 3 election, citing federal law that prohibits list maintenance 90 days before an election.

Why did Benson, who’s been in office since January 1, 2019, choose the month of May to begin mailing the absentee ballot applications to “qualified” voters? Was Benson’s plan to time the mailings so that federal law would prevent her from removing the names of ineligible voters before the November election?

In June, conservative activist and director of the Michigan Freedom Fund, Tony Daunt, filed a lawsuit to force Secretary of State Benson to clean up the voter rolls. Daunt claims that his lawsuit was the reason Benson was forced to remove 177,000 names from the Michigan voter rolls.

Why did Benson remove only 177,000 names from her voter rolls last week, when in September, Benson reported that an estimated 500,000 of the 7.7 million unsolicited ballot applications were returned because the recipients had either died or moved?

As a reminder…President Trump lost the state of Michigan by approximately 157,000 votes.

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  1. WhiteFalcon

    If a communist-democrat does it or says it, it will be dishonest. They have to lie, cheat, and steal all the time or they can’t exist.

  2. Jesse

    Democraps will do any and EVERYTHING to win an Election especially to get President Trump out of office. This story proves they did just as I said ANY and EVERYTHING to put Pedo Joe and the Ho in office.


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