Kirsters Baish| Americans were shocked by Democratic Representative Al Green’s efforts to get President Donald Trump impeached. Representative Green first introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, but his attempt quickly failed. There was something else that began to catch the attention of Americans. We are left wondering about the big detail that Al Green had been trying to hide from his past life. I don’t believe that someone who has been accused of sexual misconduct is the right man to decide that the President should be impeached.

A former employee of Green’s complained about his inappropriate behavior nine years ago. Al Green’s victim stated that Green had sexually assaulted her. He made numerous unwanted sexual advances towards her during her time working for him. Oddly enough, Al Green never even mentioned the accusations. The truth of the matter is that the details are out, and Green cannot hide from the truth. The democratic representative has been trying to hide the details of his reprehensible past, but the truth has a way of coming out.

Lucinda Daniels, Al Green’s former district director, has explained that the democratic representative assaulted her in her home. She claims that the assault took place in May of 2007.

“He sexually assaulted her, she did not give consent. He tried to pursue a romantic relationship after that, she spurned his advances,” Daniels’ attorney Chip Lewis stated.

That wasn’t all that Daniels had to say. Daniels also explained that things got much worse when Green began to smear her character to possible future employers. Al Green’s attorneys maintain that Daniels demanded that she get $1.8 million from the Congressman. This cannot be proven, and we are left believing that it is a complete lie.

We didn’t see this one coming. It appears that Al Green has been so open about his hatred towards President Trump, he failed to remember that he himself has some less than stellar things in his past. Al Green has a lot of work to do on his reputation now, and it’s unlikely that he will ever recover from this one. It’s ridiculous how people like Green can be so quick to open their mouths when it comes to bashing others, but when their own scandals come out, they have nothing to say. Green has trashed Trump from the git go, but he should have done a better job hiding his own past. Al Green cannot hide from the truth anymore. Now that Daniels has come forward, who knows how many more women will point the finger at Green.

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  1. LawDog

    Trump’s incompetence and mental illness is the issue here. Like to avoid WW3, myself.

    • Gene Marlowe

      Speak softly but carry a BIG STICK. And be prepared to wack a mole. Thank You Pres. Truman

  2. Bob

    Accusations about mantal conditions coming from a person that has his own problems sounds like he is trying to deflect the attack on his own character he knew was coming.


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