The terrorist organization known as ISIS has officially been removed from the last stronghold they had in the capital of Syria, Raqqa.

ISIS has been committing random acts of violence throughout the world and has become the number one terrorist organization through these acts. President Trump made the promise to deal with ISIS head on rather then trying the diplomatic approach that Obama employed time and time again regardless of the fact that it did absolutely no good. Terrorist can’t be reasoned with and any attempt to do so come from a place of naivety and the end result is never resolution.

Trump held true to his word and has been taking the fight right to the ISIS front door and this time we are seeing actual results. Syria was originally riddled with ISIS fighters and the constant threat of annihilation but that is no longer the case of US soldiers have aided the local military regime in pushing them back until the only hold they had was in the capital city known as Raqqa and now that too has been demolished and the citizens have finally been liberated.

Via Fox News:

The Syrian city of Raqqa was liberated from ISIS fighters Tuesday, a commander with U.S.-backed Syrian forces said, announcing the “fall of the capital of terrorism.”

Brig. Gen. Talal Sillo told The Associated Press on Tuesday there were no longer clashes going on in the city, and that a formal declaration would follow.

Despite Sillo’s announcement, a U.S. military spokesperson told Fox News the ISIS stronghold has been 90 percent recaptured and some fighting remains.

The loss deprived the terror group of the capital of its so-called caliphate, which has dwindled from a land mass spanning two countries to a sliver of space in Syria.

The last group of Islamic State militants had been holed up Tuesday in a stadium in the Syrian city of Raqqa, their last stand as U.S. backed, Kurdish-led forces closed in around them.

Actions always speaks louder than words, a concept that Barack Obama and the Democratic Party have never comprehend. Reasoning with terrorists is similar to reasoning with toddlers, frustrating and ultimately futile.

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