The naked sex predator defendant arrested for allegedly terrorizing women and girls along a popular Virginia walking trail for months is an illegal immigrant, who was also wanted in New York for attacking a jogger who is the wife of a member of law enforcement.

42-year-old Juan Rodriguez Alfaro, now suspected of a string of at least 21 separate incidents of sexual assault and violence victimizing women and girls along the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) Trail since July, is an immigrant illegal immigrant from Honduras who has already been deported three times, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokesperson told FOX 5 DC.

Rodriguez Alfaro “exposed himself and was engaging in obscene sexual behaviors and grabbed the victim’s genitals before fleeing the area,” Deboard said.

In an update on the case, the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) announced on Monday that Rodriguez Alfaro “had an outstanding warrant for attempted rape and sexual assault” for an incident that happened last year in New York. He is facing multiple charges, including obscene sexual display and battery.

The law enforcement agency said it has filed a detainer with the FCPD so ICE would be alerted in the event Rodriguez Alfaro might be released from their custody, according to the network. The local police department has adopted policies of not cooperating with ICE.

More details of this report from Breitbart:

Police said Alfaro is possibly linked to at least 21 sexual assaults in the area and in some cases, they said he was naked. Before his arrest, in a separate 2021 case, Alfaro was wanted for attempted rape and sexual assault in Suffolk County, New York — another sanctuary jurisdiction.

In that case, Suffolk County police said Alfaro attacked a woman who was jogging and attempted to rape her. Alfaro was allegedly wearing only a tank top at the time.

At the time of the alleged sexual assault in New York, Alfaro had been deported from the U.S. three times, according to officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency.

Like New York state, Fairfax County has sanctuary policies on the books that prevent local law enforcement from turning criminal illegal aliens over to ICE agents for arrest and deportation.

Alfaro remains in police custody in Fairfax County. ICE officials have filed a detainer to request that Alfaro be turned over to their custody if he is released at any time. Fairfax County officials, as a result of their sanctuary policies, are likely to deny the request.

Investigators in Herndon obtained video evidence from one of Rodriguez Alfaro’s victims that shows an “indecent exposure” incident on Aug. 14 near Woodland Grove Place. In the footage, the suspect approached the victim on the trail bare from the waist down. He then started touching his genitals before running away.

Several days later, detectives executed a search warrant at Rodriguez Alfaro’s home in Herndon, where evidence was collected that linked the man to three additional incidents.

“Since he was arrested, detectives obtained additional charges stemming from these incidents to include indecent exposure, peeping, unlawful entry, and two counts of obscene sexual display,” investigators said.

Our friends from The Gateway Pundit previously reported Biden’s failure to protect our border: 

Impeachment of Joe Biden, Article 1: Failure to secure the national border.

Over 4.9 million illegals entered the United States during Joe Biden’s first 18 months in office via the open southern US border.

That is roughly the population of Ireland — crossing the open border into the US in 18 months!

The Biden regime has cheered on this invasion and the eventual collapse of the United States.

The Constitution is clear: Section IV Article 4 says the federal government “shall protect each of [the states] against Invasion,” said Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19). “When the federal government fails to fulfill this constitutional duty, Article 1 Section 10 expressly guarantees states the sovereign power to repel an invasion and defend their citizenry from overwhelming and “imminent danger.”

Earlier on Monday, TGP reported a report from the border patrol indicating that the government of Venezuela, led by Nicolás Maduro Moros, is releasing prisoners intentionally and sending them to the US border. Among those released are people who have been convicted of murder, rape, and extortion.

Sources: TheGatewayPundit, Breitbart, FOX 5 DC

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