In a chilling courtroom moment, jurors were left haunted as a murdered child’s beloved toy seemed to communicate with them, offering a message from beyond the grave.

During the trial of Timothy Jones Jr., who stood accused of brutally murdering his five children, jurors experienced an eerie moment when one of the child’s beloved Toy Story dolls began speaking. As the gruesome details of the case unfolded in the courtroom, the jurors found themselves deeply affected. But when the toy appeared to communicate with them, they were left feeling haunted and disturbed.

Several jurors maintained that the six-year-old victim reached out to them from beyond the grave through the toy. The chilling incident occurred when the prosecutor handed the Woody doll from Toy Story to the jury in a South Carolina courthouse.

As they received the doll, it spoke, saying, “Boy, am I glad to see you!” This seemingly well-timed message left the jurors shaken, believing that Nathan, who cherished his Woody doll “more than anything,” had managed to send them a message from the afterlife.

As the trial progressed, the evidence against Jones, a divorced software engineer, continued to mount. Although he subjected all his children to cruelty, he reserved the most brutal torment for young Nathan. Jones forced the child to perform military-style exercises until he finally dropped dead, all because Nathan had reported a broken electrical outlet to his mother instead of Jones.

The tragic incident took place in August 2014, a sweltering summer in South Carolina.

Jones’s defense attorneys attempted to portray him as a victim, citing his troubled upbringing, undiagnosed schizophrenia, and struggles with alcohol and drugs. However, the fact remained that he had prolonged the murder of his children over several hours, savoring the brutality and deaths as though he were a wild beast devouring its own offspring.

As the prosecution recounted the horrors inflicted upon Nathan, the jury found themselves deeply affected.

One 52-year-old female juror revealed, “I think about it every day.” She served as an alternate juror until she was excused near the end of the trial, adding, “Many times during the trial, I went into the jurors’ bathroom and just wailed – cried my eyes out.”

Only recently have jurors begun to speak about the harrowing trial, with many claiming it was the most horrifying event they had ever witnessed.

The jurors were not alone in their anguish. Seasoned police officers and journalists also fought back tears as they absorbed the sickening details of Jones’s heinous acts.

Upon delivering the guilty verdict and recommending the death penalty for Jones, Judge Eugene Griffith thanked the jury for their service to justice.

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