Where chaos and calamity are just around the corner, America’s super-rich has found a way to dodge the proverbial bullet. Deep in the heart of Kansas, an old Cold War missile silo has been reimagined as a deluxe, ultra-secure condo complex, ready to save seventy-five loaded folks from the apocalypse’s cold, unforgiving embrace.

Back in 2016, when Trump was gunning for the presidency, folks were scared stiff about the idea of him having the power to unleash nuclear hellfire. Trump claimed he had the “very best temperament,” but recent events have made people think twice. Enter Larry Hall, the entrepreneur who’s turned fear into fortune, catering to an exclusive crowd looking to hole up in a swanky doomsday bunker.

Hall bought the rusty old silo back in ’08, spending a cool $20 million to turn it into a ritzy underground condo that can house seventy-five people. This bad boy goes fifteen stories deep, with a fancy-schmancy elevator to whisk the wealthy inhabitants to all the amenities they could dream of: a library, classroom, general store, movie theater, swimming pool, rock climbing wall, and even an aquaponics setup for homegrown veggies and fish.

Larry Hall‘s been raking in the dough from these anxious “self-made millionaires,” who all want a slice of that sweet, sweet safety in a world where peace of mind is worth its weight in gold.

Hall spilled the beans on his clientele, saying, “All of our people are self-made millionaires. They’re very successful: doctors, engineers, lawyers, international business people… almost all of them have children. And they’re concerned about the ‘what if’ scenario.”

But it ain’t just nuclear doom that keeps Hall’s well-heeled clients up at night. They’re spooked by superstorms, tsunamis, earthquakes, and even the economic collapse caused by the coronavirus pandemic. It’s like the whole world’s gone off the deep end, and these millionaires want to make sure they’ve got a swanky lifeboat.

CNET sent a brave reporter into the bowels of this luxury bunker to give us mere mortals a peek at how the other half plans to survive. But not everyone’s buying into Hall’s underground utopia.

Some folks think the whole thing’s a big ol’ scam, with Hall taking these scaredy-cat millionaires for all they’re worth. Critics have called out the practicality of running off to Kansas when disaster strikes, and they’ve got their doubts about the long-term power and water supply in a world gone to heck.

Others are worried about whether there’s more than one way in and out of this ritzy refuge. Some, though, can’t help but feel a little envious, saying they’d live in the bunker 24/7, apocalypse or not.

So, in a world that’s lost its ever-loving mind, the idea of a fancy-schmancy underground paradise has got folks talking. For the mega-rich, it seems the cost of security and peace of mind is just a drop in the bucket. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to ponder our fate in this crazy, mixed-up world.

Source: AWM

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