The Democrat controlled House of Representatives has one particularly nasty troublemaker. After wasting months of time and millions of taxpayer dollars on the kangaroo impeachment court, Adam Schiff is now up to his ears in scalding hot water. By creating his own personal Deep State surveillance network, Schiff allegedly used America’s spy apparatus to target friends of the president. Now,  the Intelligence Committee chairman is “caught in the cross-hairs of a formidable government agent,” as the FCC probes the California Democrat’s obliteration of “ethical boundaries.”

A sneaky Deep State rat in the house

Since Schiff didn’t have much in the way of an impeachment case, he desperately “issued secret subpoenas to phone carriers hoping to mine the private data of his political opponents.” According to American Thinker, what he really did was “in effect ransacking their private lives.” The objective, rumors say, “was to obtain and publish the calls of Trump’s allies.”

As chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Schiff is in charge of supervising the NSA, CIA, FBI and all the other alphabet spy agencies. At this very moment, Federal Communication Commissioner Brendan Carr is digging into the “diabolical nature” of the congressman’s “surveillance state,” formally investigating Adam Schiff’s violation of privacy laws.

The communications giants dutifully turned over 4,000 pages of confidential records, violating their customers’ data privacy rights in the process. The FCC has decided to seek “a $200 million fine against the phone carriers for failing to protect their customers who have a legitimate expectation of privacy.”


FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is digging into the “diabolical nature” of Schiff’s surveillance state.

Secret subpoenas used as ‘abusive’ tactics

Carr wrote a letter to the entire House Intelligence Committee, asking if their leader is “continuing to issue secret subpoenas?” Carr didn’t mean that as a snarky comment either, he was serious. It means he considers what Schiff did to be the equivalent of running “roughshod over the private lives of political opponents while employing abusive impeachment tactics.”

With shadowy cloak-and-dagger maneuvers, Schiff targeted “some of the president’s most ardent supporters.” Besides the subpoenas, Schiff even hit Republican leaders with “a gag order” to keep them from complaining.

People like the president’s own attorney, Rudy Giuliani, conservative writer John Solomon, and the ranking Republican on the Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes were “blindsided by the process because they were deprived of their legal right to fight the surveillance requests.”

A major bombshell

You can rest assured that the biggest bombshell coming out of the Carr investigation won’t make the mainstream news. Carr slammed Schiff for the way he kept blatantly “exceeding his authority” by releasing private phone records without “any apparent nexus to the Committee’s legitimate work.”

Conservatives aren’t surprised that Schiff would ignore the rules because he has the distinct reputation as “the ‘go to’ Trump-hating politician.” His MSM cronies bend over backwards to amplify anything he spews forth, as long as it demeans the president.

When he was cooking up the House impeachment plot, it was standard operating procedure to hold “secret meetings in the bowels of government buildings.” That way, he could block “all Republicans from attending.”

Mr. Carr isn’t very happy with the Intelligence Committee as a whole either. They let Schiff create the “effectively unreviewable and unchecked mechanism for obtaining call records on any and all Americans,” out of “whole cloth in secret.” Conservatives are glad to see someone standing up to “protect the public from having to ask themselves who else’s life is being plundered by powerful politicians abusing their office. It’s time to remind Rep. Schiff, “no one is above the law.”

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  1. Fallingroc

    Plenty of room down in Club Gitmo!!!! Private rooms…paid meals…Public, televised TRIALS… anyone GUILTY of SEDITION to be QUICKLY EXECUTED!!!! Punishment NEEDS to be SWIFT & SURE… We NEED to send a MESSAGE to anyone in the FUTURE who may consider trying the same crime… Slimey Pencil-neck Schiff won’t be alone either!!!! I wonder if his eyes will bug-out even more once they HANG this COCKROACH??? I bet $10 they WILL!!!!! Enjoy the show!!!! Semper Fi

    • Onofre M. Magpayo

      I believed the Dems tried to impeach President Trump for abuse of power. Let us call for Adam Schiff to be impeached because of abuse of power and we have proof of it. We have Mr. Carr to testify to prove our case in court (not Dems Kangaroo court).

  2. MikefromTexas

    If they hate Trump they will do anything and everything legal or not to get the president. Thats easy to see as pelosi said if Trump wins again they will try and impeach him.

    • justbryan

      If she’s still around, I’m sure her march to sedition will continue; IF SHE’S STILL AROUND!!!

  3. Onofre M. Magpayo

    I believed the Dems tried to impeach President Trump for abuse of power. Let us call for Adam Schiff to be impeached because of abuse of power and we have proof of it. We have Mr. Carr to testify to prove our case in court (not Dems Kangaroo court).

  4. justbryan

    The time has come for Adam-full of-Schiff to be tried for treason, inciting sedition and just being an all around a$$h@l3; then sent to his GITMO REWARD!!! (that’s 3 hots and a cot!)

  5. sandyj

    We surely have seen the examples of what perfect hate can do to people. Schiff and Pelosi are so full of hate for the president that they’ll endanger their own lives, pitiful as they are, to get their way. Gitmo would be too good for them.

  6. Carl C. Pyzowski

    Throw the jerk in jail. Or will it be like Avenatti, who got out because of the virus?

  7. Nikita63

    Every photographic depiction of this buffoon, Schiff , convinces me more with every instance that he is mentally deranged and to me: IT SHOWS! His eyes ALWAYS appear to be bulging and unfocused and his comments seem to me also to be as deranged as his personality. It would seen that there is no level so low that he will not stoop to it to try to impugn, discredit and remove for no legitimate cause or reason , duly elected President Trump. I am a Trump supporter. I am NOT a Republican or a Democrat, just an Independent voter and Vietnam veteran who is capable of such thought and has decided NEVER to buy wholesale, ANY PARTY AGENDAS! Making America great Again is one that benefits all willing to work and be responsible and accountable, have a moral conscience and a work ethic and be of values most Americans have. That is why the left, which is neither and attracts all like them exists at all and are pure total control and Marxist smear technique oriented to turn THIS country into a New World Order vassal State in the U.N under the implementation of Its Agenda 21.If you know nothing of that, LOOK IT UP: and it is CLEAR their interests are NOT in the best interests of anyone but themselves. period. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler are but symptoms of a party whose practices are a terminal cancer to individual liberties and personal choices and without any semblance of moral conscience. Their utterly PITIFUL PERFORMANCE RECORD proves the contention: IF YOU WILL BUT BELIEVE THE EVIDENCE OF YOUR OWN EYES!


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