A group of Islamic State militants set off an explosion at the entrance to a military hospital in the Afghan capital, followed immediately by heavy gunfire.

Three women, a child, and three Taliban guards were killed in the blast in Kabul, five attackers were also killed in the attack.

It was one of the most brazen IS attacks yet since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan in the summer. Taliban guards prevented them from getting into the hospital and that the attack was over within 15 minutes.

Zabihullah Mujahid, Deputy Minister of Information and Culture in the Taliban government said Taliban special forces killed five of the attackers.

Officials said a Taliban military commander in Kabul was among the fighters killed when his men responded to the attack.

The blasts added to a growing list of attacks and killings since the Taliban completed its victory over the previous Western-backed government in August, undermining its claim to have restored security to Afghanistan after decades of war.

The Biden administration responded to this attack by bombing a man who they claimed was another ISIS attacker. That man turned out to be an aid worker bringing home water for his children, who were all killed with him in the American drone strike.

The Taliban cannot get away with making that sort of mistake if they hope to stay in power for very long. The insurgents have suddenly found themselves combating another insurgency.

The overnight reemergence of ISIS in Afghanistan has been a concern to both the United States and the new Taliban regime; the militant group thought it had eliminated most of the regional ISIS forces in 2018.

Attacks by the group have aimed to undermine the shaky stability of the new government in Kabul by depicting the Taliban as being unable or unwilling to defend against attacks on key targets.

The Shiite minority in Afghanistan has repeatedly targeted, likely in an attempt to strain relations between Kabul and the neighboring Shiite power of Iran.

If there is one thing ordinary Afghans hope for above all else it is peace and stability after decades of violence and unpredictability.

Most of the country has accepted the Taliban in the hopes that their rise will mean an end to years of bombings and shootings. ISIS militants want to ensure that the Taliban cannot deliver on that promise.

Sources: Rightwingnewshour, Apnews, Nbcrightnow

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