When you hear about Haunted Houses, all you can think about is the horrifying ghosts that terrify people.

But according to Caroline Humphries, the person who has experienced all the house has to offer since moving in with her parents more than 50 years ago, it is more than terrifying.

The Sun reported:

Caroline Humphries was only 8-years-old when she and her parents moved into a 1,000-year-old pub the Ancient Ramm Inn in Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, in 1968.

As her parents renovated the house’s interiors over the decades, countless disturbing objects were uncovered.

Some of the stranger’s finds included piles of bones buried in the dirt – as well as a mummified cat in the wall.

Recently, Caroline’s partner Mick found more bones under the staircase of a room on the ground floor.

Caroline told Jam Press: “A diviner told my dad there were children buried all over the place and when he dug he found the bones and the daggers wrapped with them, which implied sacrificial killing.

“Sadly the daggers, which were in a glass display case, were stolen around 2014 when my father was in the house, showing a group of visitors around.

“They will be of great value.

Of course, these daggers are considered to be ancient artifacts and would cost a good fortune for treasure keepers.

But aside from the bones and daggers discovered, the most bizarre find is a 500-year-old mummified cat inside a wall, which Caroline thinks was put there to ward off witches.

Caroline quote, “My dad found a mummified cat in the walls a few years ago when he was renovating the house.”

And Stroud Museum confirmed that the cat was dead before it was placed inside the walls.

This is very scary to witness, a 500-year-old cat.

But aside from the material artifacts, some claim that they have been witnessing paranormal activities such as objects moving on their own.

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Well, after everything you learned, would you dare to visit this old inn?

Sources: The Western Journal, The Sun

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