Continued release of different accounts surrounding the Las Vegas Massacre have caused serious confusion about what actually happened.

Stephen Paddock seems to be a regular American with absolutely zero prior’s and no record of violence. His friends and family have come out with stories of dumbfounded feelings for these actions, his neighbor swears that this man would never behave so  violently, and now a cab driver has posted video that appears to have shots being fired from multiple positions.

Now, whether or not the alternate shots were coming from officers or civilians or a second shooter is hard to determine.

What’s obvious however is that nothing seems to adding up.


Cori Langdon, a Las Vegas cab driver recorded her harrowing experience as she entered the Mandalay Bay Casino at about the same time gunshots were first being fired into the crowd at the Rt 91 country music festival in Las Vegas.

Langdon was using her phone to videotape, as she was pulling into the Mandalay Bay Casino, when she heard gunshots. She can be heard telling the dispatch operator for her cab service that she hears what “sounds like automatic gunfire.” Cori Langdon hears more gun fire, and tells her dispatch operator that the gun shots sound like they’re coming from a completely different area: “Now it sounds like its coming from farther away.”

Automatic gunshots are still being heard from the cab. Langdon tells her dispatch person: “Somethings going on. I’m not sure why people aren’t’ running, but. There’s a security guard, what’s he doing? Ya know, for there being gunfire, it sure doesn’t seem like people are runnin’.” Oh, shit! Seriously? I don’t know what’s goin’ on? Where are the cops at? I’m right here by the porch of Mandalay Bay, and everything seems to be normal here.” More and more rapid-fire gunshots are heard. The radio dispatcher replies, “Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And everything seems normal when it’s not.”

Langdon and the other drivers are then warned by another driver that claims he just got details from the metro police at the airport, “Do not go to Mandalay Bay!” Langdon then says she’s leaving, “I’m leaving. I don’t know why people aren’t leaving. This is insane. Everyone’s just standing around, it doesn’t seem like anybody’s uh… moving.” She then gets a message on her radio telling her, “Shots fired. They don’t even know the details yet. I just talked to the Metro here at the airport and they’re still getting the details, but there’s multiple injuries and uh…(inaudible) That’s all they’re saying though. They’re saying stay away from there, uh, they’re shutting the whole place down.”


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