Well, that’s one solution. A terrible one, but technically a solution.

On Friday, the liberals on Los Angeles City Council will consider passing an ordinance that would house homeless people in empty hotel rooms.

If it passes, every hotel in Los Angeles will have to report their vacancies. According to the measure, “Each hotel shall communicate to the Department or its designee, in a form that the Department prescribes, by 2 p.m. each day the number of available rooms at the hotel for that night.”

That’s right — “force hotels to report.”

Ray Patel, the president of the Northeast Los Angeles Hotel Owners Association. Patel said members of the association are worried.

“It’s crazy, I can’t screen who ends up in my hotel rooms?” he said. “How do I protect my other customers and my staff?”

Members of Unite Here Local 11, who are behind the initiative, say they have already gathered 126,000 signatures in favor. Council members could decide to put it on the ballot if they don’t approve it outright.\

FOX 11 reached out to Mike Feuer’s office for comment and staff with the Los Angeles City Attorney issued the following statement:

“This is a third-party sponsored ballot measure and our Office cannot comment on it before passage. I would ask the proponents what enforcement measures they are proposing.”

The Council will discuss the initiative Friday and do have the option to either approve it or let the voters decide in a future election. However, one thing is for certain: Friday’s meeting should bring a lot of public interest, possibly drawing loud reactions.

UPDATE via ‘Los Angeles Magazine’: The Los Angeles City Council rejected a proposal Friday morning…

The Los Angeles City Council rejected a proposal Friday morning that would force hotels to report vacant rooms, by 2 p.m. daily, so homeless people can use government vouchers to stay in them.

The ordinance was proposed by UNITE HERE Local 11, a union representing over 32,000 workers in California’s hospitality industry—perhaps most famously at Chateau Marmont and Dodger Stadium—which secured enough signatures for the council to vote on the measure.

According to a document released by the Office of the City Clerk last February, “The ordinance would create a program, subject to funding availability, to place unhoused individuals in vacant hotel rooms. A hotel would be prohibited from refusing lodging to program participants.”

The City Council was tasked today with voting either to adopt the proposed initiative ordinance, without alteration, or to adopt the ballot resolution to submit the proposed initiative ordinance, without alteration, for a public vote in the March 5, 2024 election

The City Council voted 11-1 in favor of the latter.

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