Kirsters Baish| Even with the drastic drop in attendance in NFL games, the games still go on. Even when there’s barely anyone watching, the players must show up and play. Self-Entitled athletes keep ignoring the harm they are causing with their National Anthem protests, even though they are surrounded by empty seats. What was once American’s favorite pastime has become a disgrace. Americans were shocked at what they witnessed during a game when one Arizona Cardinals receiver went up to a United States Airman during the flag ceremony and did something amazing.

The coach of another team had something to say following the incident, and he wasn’t shy about his words.

33-year-old Larry Fitzgerald is in his 14th NFL season, and he has always impressed people with the way he plays on the field. Now, he is impressing Americans for another reason. What he did to a United States Airman will always be remembered. This is the same for all players who have worked hard to get to the NFL but are only remembered for things they did outside of football to make a real statement. Fitzgerald’s statement was something to be remembered.

Newsday reported:

“[Fitzgerald] has 31 catches, 361 yards and five touchdown receptions through five games — the same number of touchdowns as the entire Jets team. But when you listen to NFL people discuss the Cardinals receiver, it quickly becomes evident that he is more than merely a still-productive wideout for a man his age. He is among the most respected players in the NFL on and off the field.”

“Asked Friday to tell a Fitzgerald story, Jets coach and former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles smiled and said: ‘I don’t have any bad ones. Larry’s one of those guys who you look up his past and everything else and it looks squeaky clean — as far as I know. Larry’s been nothing but great to me . . . He’s a very giving person off the field. He’s very respectful, a very competitive guy on the field works at it, very intelligent. Him and Brandon [Marshall] are similar that way. But I don’t have anything bad to say about Larry.’”

We cannot say the same thing for Marshall. Bowles compared the two since Marshall began kneeling last year while playing for the Denver Broncos. Marhsall is still playing for the Broncos, and his protests have caused the team major endorsement deals. Instead of following along with the anthem protests, Fitzgerald has decided to show some respect. He went out of his way to help an Airman during the flag ceremony when other players were only paying attention to their own protesting.

The NFL player was on the sidelines viewing the flag ceremony when he saw an Airman’s hat fall off. The Airman could not let go of the flag to put his hat back on, so Fitzgerald decided to help. He showed respect for the flag and for the soldier when he ran onto the field to put the hat back on the head of the soldier.

This simple gesture truly shows Fitzgerald’s respect for our country. Instead of following along with the National Anthem protests, this NFL player showed his true colors and his respect for our country. Fitzgerald will not suffer from the same fate as former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is no longer signed to any NFL team due to his protests.

Sportsday wrote, “Jason Garrett doesn’t do this often. But Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald is so good, he made an exception. The Cowboys head coach has put together a tape of Fitzgerald to show his players how to play the game.”

Garrett stated, “I see a great player. I see a guy who plays the game the right way. He’s one of those guys, and this doesn’t happen very often, but we’ve used him as an example in front of our team of how to play. He’s a special player. He’s a special guy. Talk about an ambassador for the NFL. He represents everything that’s good about this game, one of the premier players of his generation. He practices the right way. He plays the right way. He does it with the right spirit. He’s a generous guy with his teammates, he’s a generous guy with guys around the league. His role in the community has been incredible.”

It’s great to see that there are still respectable NFL players out there. With all of the anti-American players in the league, it’s important to make note of guys like Fitzgerald. These are the guys we should be giving our attention to, not the ones who won’t stand for the anthem.

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  1. Trish Ridgeway

    Good job Larry’ve made an Impression on me and restored my faith in players. Tell your parents they did a good job and I know they are proud. Having a son that served 16 years in the Air Force means a lot to those of us that appreciate what they have done for our country.


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