Disgraceful actions from disrespectful NFL players may compromise the integrity of football altogether.

Current turmoil surrounding NFL players’ right to kneel during the national anthem in ‘peaceful’ protest continues to create racial controversy, despite liberals, claim that there’s no racism fueling these actions. According to the Democratic Party, the whole situation is to support minority’s and bring awareness to police brutality in the wake of shootings such as the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. What they fail to mention is the treatment of team members who disagree with this stance and choose to stand in support of ALL Americans, not just those believed to be ‘oppressed.’

Recent reports present the possibility that the Oakland, Raiders decided to teach their white QB a lesson after he choose to stand during the national anthem.

Derek Carr received the beating of a lifetime after his offensive line failed to do their job and protect him during possession of the ball, which is blatantly obvious after watching four sacks occur in comparison to the one per game ratio from last years season.

Unfortunately for the Oakland, Raiders offensive line this purposeful throwing of a game is highly illegal due to the gambling nature associated with the game. If officials discover that the integrity of games is compromised as a result of team members choice to stand or kneel then their removal from the league will be inevitable.

Via Gators Mouth:

Armstrong and Getty is a popular morning drive-time radio show airing in six states – California, Utah, New Mexico, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington State.

Today they reported that a source they called “Deep Route” was told by an offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders, that his unit lay down so that QB Derek Carr would take a beating.

Carr was one of the few Raiders who stood at attention during the playing of the national anthem and the reported comments of a Raiders offensive guard who is reported to have said, “if Carr wants to stand alone he can stand alone on the field.”

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Yeah that’s really mature behavior in response to someone with a differing opinion expressing their right as an American to stand for the American flag. What a bunch of BS!

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