I think we can all agree that flying in economy class isn’t ever a comfortable experience. It’s cramped, it’s smelly, and it’s almost definitely going to involve a screaming baby that won’t shut up. But out of all the horrible things about flying, finding out your window seat isn’t actually lined up with the plane’s window is probably one of the least offensive.

Even so, that still doesn’t stop us feeling a little prickle of annoyance when we realise that we won’t be able to take the perfect cloud shot for our Instagram account. Why can’t a window seat always mean you actually get to look out at the incredible views below?


Thankfully, YouTube channel Today I Found Out has answered that exact question, and the reason is actually pretty obvious. 

It turns out that the airplane seats aren’t designed with any real regard to where the windows are – what the airlines really care about is squishing as many paying customers into the cabin as possible. Did you really expect a multi-billion pound industry to give any regard to your view?

Take a look at Today I Found Out’s video for a more detailed explanation on the subject.

If you’re not quite ready to stop having your endless airplane questions answered, then don’t worry. Here’s why all plane windows have that weird little hole in them. Prepare yourself for some epic science chat.

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