Over the weekend, a mother of two young Black children is criticizing Sesame Place Philadelphia after she claims that a performer disguised as a Sesame Street character purposefully ignored her daughters, prompting an immediate and virulent outrage online.

Two little children are seen reaching out to Rosita, the first bilingual muppet on Sesame Street, in the now-viral video that was uploaded on the mother’s Instagram account on Saturday.

The video depicts the creature shaking its head “no” in their direction, despite the fact that the performer had engaged with other kids immediately before approaching the Black girls.

“We were on our way out of Sesame Place and the kids wanted to stop to see the characters,” the mom wrote on Instagram. “THIS DISGUSTING person blatantly told our kids NO then proceeded to hug the little white girl next to us!”

In response, Sesame Place Philadelphia released a statement, saying in part:

“Our brand, our park and our employees stand for inclusivity and equality in all forms. That is what Sesame Place is about and we do not tolerate any behaviors in our parks that are contrary to that commitment.”

According to Sesame Place Philadelphia, the outfits of its “sometimes make it difficult to see at lower levels” and that sometimes “performers miss hug requests from guests.”

“The Rosita performer did not intentionally ignore the girls and is devastated about the misunderstanding.”

The performer portraying Rosita, who made the “no” hand gesture several times in the video, the Sesame Place said, did not make the gesture in response to “any specific person” but rather in response to “multiple requests from someone in the crowd who asked Rosita to hold their child for a photo which is not permitted.”

However, the mother who posted the video says the theme park’s explanation of the incident as a “misunderstanding” is not enough, calling it “disrespectful and distasteful.”

The video has gone viral and drew outrage. Online, other entertainers, activists, and social media users expressed anger toward the incident at the theme park.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“You can clearly see that y they were seen. The character looked at them and waved them no”

“The character looks down at the kids and keeps going, the character saw the kids because why look down? They saw the other kids, perfectly fine, because they gave the other kids a high five.”

“Hands would have to be thrown cuz no you absolutely DID NOT just deny these beautiful babies while reaching over them & giving an older yt woman a high five?! And the babies were clearly upset?! Nah I’m pissed tf off “

“That bullshit apology you can keep bcuz the character clearly looks directly at the children & then shakes their head at them. A place where kids can go & have fun and ya’ll took that from them bcuz of your hatred.”

“It’s super sad for the kids”

“This breaks my heart”

“This clip broke my heart for the enthusiastic little girls”

Sources: Dailywire, Kqed, Fox5dc



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