One of the things that you have to watch out for in any organization is someone that is working from the inside to try and bring the group down.

You have seen it time and time again in movies where someone who acts like they are an ally ends up being someone that is trying to destroy everyone.

You can always tell this person because at the end of the day they always end up being the ones that don’t get arrested the minute things go down.

It’s no surprise that the FBI would have informants planted in the conservative patriot movement, but America was shocked to learn that Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio is a rat for the Federal Bureau of Instigation. Libertarian defenders of justice are beginning to realize just how infested the movement has become.

Reporters over at Reuters got their hands on the transcript from a 2014 court proceeding. It reveals that Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was ratting to the FBI since 2012.

This is exactly the reason why so many people are speculating that the barbarian invasion was staged specifically to discredit the conservative movement.

Everyone has been wondering how Tarrio got picked up so quick on his way to the Capitol just ahead of the fateful battle. He was arrested virtually the moment the vehicle he was in crossed the district line. It’s obvious that the FBI knew he was coming, and exactly how he planned to get there.

Tarrio had committed the horrible crime of burning a Black Lives Matter banner so that was the excuse they used to arrest him and banish him from Washington. That way he had an air-tight excuse for not getting involved in anything staged to happen that day.

During a court hearing in 2014, the prosecutor, an FBI instigator, and Tarrio’s own attorney all threw him under the bus to out him as an informant.

His cover started to crack when prosecutor Vanessa Singh Johannes praised the Proud Boy for his work. It “led to the prosecution of 13 people on federal charges, and helped local authorities investigate a gambling ring.”

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  1. Robert

    Now anyone who has two brain cells who thinks that our law enforcement does not have inside people in every group you can think of is not using those brain cells. That is exactly why law enforcement knew who was doing the destruction in the BLM protests, and that was right wing militias and White Supremists groups, as Barr said.


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