A small family-owned bakery battles for justice against a prestigious college after enduring baseless accusations of racism, protests, and boycotts that have left their once-thriving business struggling to survive.

Oberlin College students and staff unjustly accused an Ohio bakery that greatly suffered racism in 2016 after they reported three Black shoplifters to the police. Though the shoplifters were later convicted, the bakery’s tarnished reputation led to a significant reduction in staff, from twelve down to merely four employees.

Unrelenting protests and boycotts from radical leftist students and staff, including former dean of students Meredith Raimondo, plagued the 137-year-old bakery. As a result, the Gibson family, the bakery’s owners, filed an anti-defamation lawsuit. In 2019, the court ordered the college to pay $44 million in damages for defamation.

Ultimately, the court lowered the settlement to $33 million. Yet, Oberlin College persistently refuses to pay, facing no apparent consequences for the years of turmoil they have caused the bakery.

Consequently, the Gibson family business is in dire straits, and two senior family members have passed away during the ongoing fight to restore their reputation and receive the compensation they rightfully deserve.

While waiting for the owed millions, civil rights advocate Allyn Gibson Sr. passed away in February 2022 at the age of ninety-three. His son, David, lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in November 2019 at sixty-five years old. David concealed his diagnosis during the defamation trial to avoid swaying the jury, but he believed that the college hoped to outlast the family and avoid paying the settlement.

Lee Plakas, the attorney representing the Gibsons, stated that the college’s protests and boycotts have inflicted severe damage on the bakery. The family has been striving to maintain their business’s legacy, but the bakery’s operations have been significantly curtailed due to the unyielding “woke” protests and the pandemic.

“They’re just trying to hold on until the justice system forces the college to pay for the damages they caused,” said Plakas. “The Gibsons are understandably concerned. They are very disappointed that the college, to this date – even with this record and mountain of evidence that they were wrong – is acting this way.”

Plakas expressed the family’s frustration and disappointment with the college’s ongoing refusal to take responsibility, despite the irrefutable evidence against them.

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Source: AWM

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