Right before a married couple from Michigan was about to eat their food from Taco Bell, they tragically collapsed and died at their apartment.

On Tuesday night, the bodies of 28-year-old Cameron Hulet and 20-year-old Courtney Hulet were discovered at their home in Dundee, Michigan, according to Daily Mail.

The pair were lying on their living room floor when a neighbor saw them. The neighbor didn’t think much of it. She heard moans and figured they were asleep.

She closed the front door, which the couple had a habit of leaving open, David Uhl, manager of the southeast Michigan village of Dundee, said. When the neighbor returned hours later and saw them in the same position, she called the police.


Police said Cameron was found lying on his side while his wife was found face-down. Police also discovered about a pound of marijuana on the kitchen table near where the couple was found dead. Officials believe marijuana may have played a part in their deaths.

Dundee police chief Todd said the couple’s food was untouched and that the marijuana appeared as if it were in the process of being divided up for distribution.

Police said neither victim had any signs of trauma, and there were no signs that a third person was involved in their deaths.

The state’s Child Protective Services recently removed two young children from the same apartment. They are currently in foster care.

The young couple had only been residents of Dundee for the past six weeks. The Hulets moved several times to various areas over the years.

Cameron Hulet had a criminal history dating back 10 years, including charges of possession of marijuana, assault, and driving offenses.



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