Ever since Joe Biden was installed in the White House, America was never been the same. We have experienced the worst in almost everything.

One of the many problems that the Biden administration failed to address is the “Border Crisis.”

Recently, harrowing new footage from the Arizona-Mexico border shows illegals, dressed in full camouflage, scaling a border wall and disappearing into America’s mainland.

The incident occurred early Tuesday in Naco and of the over-one-dozen illegals spotted, none were caught, according to Fox News’ Bill Melugin.

Dozens of camouflage-clad migrants were filmed scaling the border wall along Naco, Arizona, adding to the 500,000 “getaways” that have entered the United States so far this year.

The footage, captured by Fox News reporters, shows the immigrants scaling a wall in Naco, as they use a rope to slowly descend past the barbed wire before fleeing onto US soil.

Fox reported that the operation, completed in broad daylight on Tuesday, lasted just 45 minutes and none of the migrants were apprehended by Border Patrol.

The illegal aliens are then seen running across the road that runs alongside the border wall and into Arizona, where, if they are not known criminals or members of the violent Mexican drug cartels, they will likely receive care packages and cell phones from Catholic Charities and a bus or plane ticket and housing compliments of the American taxpayer.

From the 100 Percent Fedup report:

Independent journalist Ben Bergquam is another rockstar who’s been relentless in his coverage of the border. In the video below, that he posted on Instagram, Bergquam reveals how Catholic Charities is processing illegal aliens like a sausage-making machine. They come in and get what they need to make their long journeys into communities across America and then they are picked up and transported. Mr. Bergquam is correct when he calls them facilitators of human trafficking!

These illegal aliens who are sneaking in through farmer’s ranches and intentionally avoiding being processed and released into the US are probably some pretty bad hombres who don’t want to get caught in the US. The Stop Illegal Immigration and Secure our Borders Facebook page has been posting hundreds of images of these bad hombres who are sneaking through farmer’s ranches at all hours of the day and night and then escaping into the interior of the state.

Here are just a few examples of the photos he’s released on his Facebook page:

Source: 100percentfedup

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