Trump’s administration has been looking into Obama’s White House visitor logs and what they found is treason!

It has been found that Obama has some strong Iranian ties. This seems to be why Islam thought they had America in the bag. Obama did nothing but keep America’s eyes off of radical Islam so they could slip into America and slowly push Sharia Law.

Now that Trump is here instead of Hillary, that isn’t happening. Even further, his administration is looking for and finding any corruption that was inside of Obama’s White House. Remember Obama’s horrible Iran deal?

From Top Secret Info Dump:

Seyed Mousavian, former Iranian diplomat who once headed the Iranian National Security Council. He visited the White House at least 3 times.

Trita Parsi, an advocate for the Islamist regime in Tehran, visited at least 33 times.

Mousavian and Parsi were instrumental in selling the nuclear agreement to Congress and the American public. According to Bloomberg, “That campaign sought to portray skeptics of diplomacy as ‘pro-war,’ and to downplay the dangers of the Iranian nuclear program before formal negotiations began in 2013 only to emphasize those dangers after there was an agreement in 2015.”

Instead of investigating the Russian/Trump connection why not spend some time investigating the Iranian/Obama connection? He slammed the doors of the White House to Americans and opened them wide to thugs, criminals, Islamic terrorists and assorted enemies of our country. Why is he not in chains and being prosecuted for treason?

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  1. Thomas Cook

    Barack “Trojan Horse” Obama was so obvious in his plan to Islamify America it is had to think that he did not have a large number of associates helping him with his quest to follow the Alinsky plan “Rules for Radicals” detailing the way to undermine and overthrow a countries government. His appointments of Muslims into powerful government positions is fairly clear evidence. Obama should be the subject of many investigations and this is certainly one of them.

  2. Coleen Harrell

    Obama committed treason! He needs to be arrested! Why hasn’t he been arrested!? We the American people know he is a crook and should be in jail right now!! He is anti America and has proven it to us by trying to destroy us! Why don’t you do something about it?!


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