Lindsey Graham appeared on the Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and he spoke of what he is planning for the Senate Judiciary Committee   and it won’t go well for Hillary, the FBI and the DOJ.

Despite the fact that there was a mountain of evidence that Hillary compromised national security with her illegal server, she was exonerated. On the other hand, after three years and up to 40 million, the investigation came to the conclusion he committed no crime, yet Robert Mueller, the dirty cop, refused to acknowledge that fact. The investigation will probably not start until the final report from DOJ IG Michael Horowitz is released.

From Breitbart News

Graham said:

“[I]’m chairman of the Judiciary Committee, and we have oversight over the FBI and the Department of Justice,” Graham said. “Here’s the question: During the 2016 campaign, you had two candidates for president. Both of them were being investigated for different reasons. Why did Hillary Clinton’s investigation result in no action? Was it based on the lack of evidence or a political bias? The counterintelligence investigation of the Republican nominee of president is a very big deal. Did President Obama know that there was a counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign? And Hugh, why did they not tell President Trump that they had suspicions about people working for him being tied to Russia?”

“The goal is to protect the target of foreign influence,” he continued. “They told Dianne Feinstein that a Chinese member of her staff was linked to the Chinese government, and she fired them. Why did that not happen to Trump? The FISA warrant on four different occasions, the court issued warrants against Carter Page. Was there any real credible evidence that Carter Page was a Russian operative? After being warned about Christopher Steele’s biases being in the tank against Trump, wanting her to win and Trump to lose. Did they verify the document that was the chief reason the warrant was issued? And if they didn’t verify the document, did they mislead the court? And will the court take corrective action? And for the FISA Court to survive, it’s going to have to prove that it can clean up its act.”

Once Horowitz’s report is released, we should know more about the corruption at the highest levels of the FBI and the DOJ. Unless people go to prison over the many crimes committed in an effort to bring down a government the people voted for but the elite does not approve of. The hearings is a great idea because not many people will take the time to read the report but they will tune in to watch the hearings. Pople need to understand what went on so that it can never happen again.

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