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The Vindman twins were only the first of many treasonous rats to be chased out of the White House. On Monday, President Donald Trump’s administration continued the massive clean-up of the National Security Council, removing 70 Obama era conspirators who likely helped in the plot to overthrow the President.

Massive deep state clean-up just beginning

Twin brothers Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman were only the first to go. Reports are coming in that “Trump has dismissed 70 employees from the National Security Council, many of whom have ties to former President Barack Obama.” It’s time to drain the swamp, Big League Politics writes, “President Donald Trump is getting rid of the dead weight within the Washington D.C. swamp now that his impeachment trial has come to an end.”

According to National security adviser Robert O’Brien, it’s only the beginning. “the intention is to get the NSC down to roughly 100 employees, far less than the 700 bureaucrats that Obama employed while he was vastly expanding power in Washington D.C.” John Ullyot has even better news. They’re actually doing more trimming than they originally planned. “This month, we will complete the right-sizing goal Ambassador O’Brien outlined in October, and in fact, may exceed that target by drawing down even more positions,” the NSC’s senior director for strategic communications told reporters.

O’Brien has been trimming the fat until now by not replacing those who leave and releasing temps back to their home agencies but now it’s time to grab a machete and start whacking. “It’s bloated. We’re going to bring it back to a size that’s manageable and efficient.”

That “anonymous” op-ed writer is going too

Attorney Joe diGenova told WMAL that “a senior White House official” mentioned that they know exactly who has been writing those opinion articles in the New York Times. The rat claimed, “there was an internal resistance cabal within the White House working to subvert the Trump agenda and take down the President.” That person wrote a book too. It “was supposed to be loaded with bombshells but was received with a shrug by most Americans.” Lots of names have been floated but no matter who it is, their career is over.

Eric Ciaramella is another one expected to get purged. “It is widely known that the alleged anti-Trump whistleblower Eric Ciaramella is an NSC spy in the White House.”

Progressives are understandably furious. “Those who suggested President Trump’s behavior would improve following his impeachment have been proven wrong,” Democrat Senator Bob Menendez griped. “We know that this president believes the only loyalty that matters is loyalty to him personally,” Rep. Eliot Engel whines.

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