Nancy Pelosi is someone that we have all known in our lives. Everyone has a Pelosi that they run into now and again.

Mine was this guy that I worked with that every single time a new female employee would come in to start work, he would try and chat them up to go out. I saw this a hundred times and not one single time did he ever get a date with any of these women.

Pelosi tried her best with the impeachment, and to be perfectly honest it was the best that she could have hoped for. The problem is, she is now having to sit powerless while President Trump cleans house.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was escorted off the White House grounds and dismissed from the National Security Council Friday afternoon, according to reports. His twin brother Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, who served as a lawyer on the NSC was also fired and left with Alex.

Thursday night reports of Vindman’s imminent firing was making the rounds.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flipped out on Friday in response to Thursday’s report on the Trump Admin’s plans to chop Lt. Col Alex Vindman.

Pelosi said she was “stunned” and said the Trump Admin went “too far” just hours before Vindman was fired and removed from the White House grounds.

Lt. Col Vindman testified against President Trump during the House impeachment hearings. He showed up in full military uniform, drawing criticism from military officials and veterans.’

Vindman was reportedly involved with **** ********** a and Schiff aide Sean Misko to “take down” President Trump.’

There have been many allegation flying around about the behavior and arrogance of Lt. Col Vindman, for instance people have suggested that the portly officer believed that he is superior to President Trump.

Pelosi was pissed/surprised … or so she acted as such.

CHAD PERGRAM: Pelosi on WH removing Vindman from NSC:
I’m stunned by it. I’ll talk to my colleagues. They have concerns about (President Trump’s) interventions with the military.

Pelosi on Vindman:
What a patriotic person. This goes too far.

Now that the alleged leaker and coup participant is gone, Nancy thinks this is going to be another opening for her to impeach Trump. I think Trump is trying to bait her into doing it after how his approval ratings have correlated with his impeachment acquittal.

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    Lt. Col. Vindman was not fired. He was returned to the Pentagon, where his knowledge would best be used.


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