You can tell that the Democratic Party is shaking from all sides.

Just look at the way that they act towards each other.

They are taken basic concepts like being respectful and turned them into such a foreign concept that they have no problem cutting each other’s throats.

It’s actually quite telling to see how little planning that they have actually put into the election by the way they are hatefully slinging mud at each other.

The most memorable line from Tuesday’s DNC debate happened after the debate on hot mic.

Before the debate a desperate Elizabeth Warren accused Bernie Sanders of telling her a woman could never be president.

Bernie denied it.

And Bernie denied it during the debate too — But CNN was playing favorites so ignored what Bernie said.

Then following the debate Liz Warren, who lied about her ethnicity for years, accused Bernie of calling her liar.

CNN released the hot mic moment on Wednesday.

And that was the line of the night — which is good because the rest of their conversation was complete lunacy.

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