With the stage to himself, billionaire Mike Bloomberg put on his best acting performance so far. The only problem was that he wasn’t acting like a president. The way CNN described his interview made it sound like they were watching a train wreck in progress. “Bloomberg had a good night, and he’s been needing one of those. But even at his best, Bloomberg was just so much worse than the rest,” they write.

If this is Bloomberg’s best, he’s in trouble

Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg had Wednesday night’s CNN Town Hall stage to himself. There was nobody to interrupt or interrogate him so he had plenty of space to whine about his treatment at the debate. He was a lot more relaxed since nobody was trying to grill him like a steak over his nasty non-disclosure agreements, his connections to Jeffrey Epstein, or his prejudice toward minorities. Nobody even once accused him of trying to buy the election. The time he could have treated as a job interview in front of the American public, CNN notes, was wasted.

The audience seemed friendly when he “repeatedly referenced how often he was cut off and piled on.” The crowd was full of sympathetic nods, “from folks who were apparently also tired of the sniping and jabbing, and just wanted to hear the man talk.” Too bad he didn’t have much to say. “Even at his best,” CNN writes, “Bloomberg is a profoundly lacking candidate.” To start with, Bloomberg simply has no charisma.

The billionaire was happily in his element talking about all the money he throws around. Like the time him and his buddy Jeffrey Epstein went around donating money to the New York schools that Ghislaine Maxwell recruited Epstein’s underage sex slaves from.

The staggering sums of money that Bloomberg casually tosses around here and there on his pet projects “makes him sound out of touch, and like the kind of person who should be taxed much, much more, not in charge of federal tax policy.” He scored the most points with the audience by talking about his big hot-button issue, global warming.

“He had both the broad strokes and the specifics, talking about big-picture policy issues and drilling down on what individuals can do to contribute.” CNN speculates that he used one of his canned speeches because it sounds like what you would hear at a dinner for an environmental philanthropy receiving his support.

Not right for the job

More importantly, he doesn’t seem to have the skills for the job. According to CNN, “Bloomberg is a businessman, and that’s all fine and good. But if he were interviewing a candidate to be CEO for his company who knew as little as he did about what it takes to be president of the United States, I have to assume he wouldn’t give them the job.”

For instance, when a simple question came up asking if Chinese leader Xi Jinping is a dictator, Bloomberg waffled. He wouldn’t go out on a limb and even say maybe. Recently Jinping stacked the deck so that he’s president for life now. Either Bloomberg is totally in the dark about current world events, or he’s afraid to take a stand. He sidestepped.

China doesn’t have American-style democracy, he noted. “they have a system where a small group of people appoint the leader.” They won’t get that chance again until Jinping is dead. When he can’t give a straight answer to that simple a question, “it should also make voters wonder how he’ll deal with strongmen the world over — and whether he’ll tell the truth.”

He’s also clueless about how military force is actually used. When cornered as to how he feels about keeping combat troops deployed overseas around the globe, he says we need “ground troops for intelligence-gathering.” Sorry Mike, we have spies for that.

The bottom line, at least for the liberals over at CNN, is that “even at his best, Bloomberg was just so much worse than the rest.” Bernie Sanders just hopes all the excitement of running in front won’t give him another heart attack before he reaches the finish line.

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  1. Luis D Rey

    I have always said, this Mini Mike is not solid, old, ordinary looks, no leader’s voice and he makes no sense to the ordinary citizen, despite of his money he can’t take the socks off our great President, D. J. Trump !!

  2. Robert Higginbotham

    I watched one of Bloomberg’s ads about how great a mayor he was. The only problem was that every word was a lie. Bloomberg is a typical democrat as he thinks money can get him anything he wants, including the presidency. His problem is that everything he gets involved with ie., limiting the size of soft drinks, control and confiscation of legal firearms, etc. seems to bomb. Like many egomaniacs he has delusions of grandeur.

  3. Michael McGregor

    People need to open their eyes to the mess he made of New York when he was Mayor/Governor… you can expect the same if he becomes President!!!

  4. Big Ed

    The media is concerned that Bloomberg doesn’t know how the military works. The Bern has that problem solved, he’ll just get rid of the military. One Democrat candidate is incapable of doing anything that 60 billion dollars won’t buy and the other visualizes himself as the reincarnation of Stalin or Castro. In a sane world, the Democrats would throw in the towel and wait four more years, but there is nothing sane about the entire Democrat Party at this time in history. Democrats care nothing about America, or the American people or even the Democrat Party. They have only one goal-figuring a way to dislodge Trump from office. If it requires the destruction of the country, so be it.

  5. Sharon

    I don’t believe there is even ONE candidate in the huge communist democrat stable that is capable of holding down a regular job. They just don’t have the mental capabilities! Not a single one of them is intelligent enough to hold the office of President.

  6. Dave

    Fish face money bags has no common sense! He is guilty of lying, stealing actions others have done, and trying to steal other peoples thunder!


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