This weak regime attracts all kinds of enemies, unlike Trump’s era wherein bullies have to think a million times before crossing the line.

Just like what’s happening in Russia-US relations now, they’ve got more guts to make this big move. Russia knows how weak Biden is, they can easily manipulate the “shadow president.”

The question is, why now?  Why does Putin decide to pick this time to pull off such a bold move?

Well, there is only one man who can answer that, it is no other than Mike Pompeo, President Trump’s former Secretary of State, who knows exactly why Vlad is going full-speed ahead right now. It’s perfect timing for him because Joe Biden and his Handlers are weak, and Putin has no respect for any of them.

According to a DailyWire report:

Pompeo told Fox News on Sunday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is acting aggressively during the Biden era because the Russians do not view Biden as credible.

When asked if the situation with Russia amassing troops near Ukraine could be brought back from the brink, Pompeo said, “it’s awful late.”

“The real hard work of deterrence would have happened a long time ago, a year ago, when President Putin demanded that we give him a new START treaty extension, we gave it to him for nothing,” he said. “When they had Russian cyberattacks and they shut down the Colonial Pipeline, we told them you can only attack certain sectors, but 16 are off-limits. When we left Afghanistan in the way we did — those were the places where the administration had a chance to establish deterrence.”

“Putin saw this and so these tactical things today about whether our families will stay in Ukraine, we’ve got to the right thing and take care of our families,” he continued. “But these tactical things aren’t what causes Vladimir Putin to recalculate his cost-benefit analysis. I think they don’t see President Biden as credible. I think they see all this talking, these pieces of paper being exchanged just not credible.”

Watch it here: CAVPAC/Youtube

Wayne Dupree concluded:

I think Biden wants to get into a war with Putin so he can be a “wartime president” and have the country rally around his side and then his poll numbers will finally go up.

That’s probably what he thinks will happen. But there’s a big problem with that move…

This isn’t 2000 anymore, and we the people don’t buy this “war” nonsense anymore. It’s just a way for the military-industrial complex to get rich on the backs of our nation’s young heroes.

No more.

Ukraine’s borders aren’t our issue. My God, we don’t even have our borders secure.

Sources: WayneDupree, Daily Wire

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