You would think that if a 78-year-old man fell that he would have to go see a doctor pretty much immediately right? Ok, we’re all in agreement on this.

I remember when my grandfather was 78, and he fell off a ladder painting his house. Don’t ask, he wanted to do it. Well, not the falling part. Anyway, he fell about a foot and a half off the ladder and popped back up like a piece of toast out of a toaster. Didn’t even act as anything had happened at all.

About three hours after that, we are sitting having lunch and he starts saying that his back hurt a little bit. Turns out, we take him to the doctor and he had broken two of his ribs. If a guy just painting his house should go to the doctor after a fall, you would think the President should, right?

Did President Joe Biden see a doctor after he stumbled and fell while trying to board Air Force One last week?

There are two answers to this: yes and no. There isn’t an in-between answer; any kind of dithering is almost certainly a yes.

Thus, the fact that White House press secretary Jen Psaki did pretty much everything to avoid answering the question when it was posed by reporters Monday raised a few eyebrows.

Now, before we begin, it’s worth noting I’m not of the opinion there’s any big deal to be made about Biden’s fall on the steps of Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews on Friday. I hesitate to use the word “funny,” because a 78-year-old man taking a fall on a staircase isn’t particularly humorous, but as a political diversion, it got us through the weekend.

For instance, the best sort of take is something like conservative media personality Ashley St. Clair’s:

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but I doubt this was the point Xi Jinping started realizing the Biden administration was a farce.

Whatever the case, the president either saw a doctor after the fall or he didn’t. Psaki came up with an impressive array of ways not to answer several separate questions about it during her news briefing at the White House.

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  1. Luis D Rey

    Jen P. is she a ” local hen”?
    What an Idiot and not pretty to look at !!
    Of course, Joe (Juvenile Molester) Biden ought to be in a retirement home,
    Xi Jinping and tough man Putin are going to sit on him making him look like a Big Old Pancake, lol..


    Just more transparency from the Bidenreich.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  3. Jesse

    The Author used a word for a job that NO LONGER EXISTS. The word reporter has no meaning any more and the word Journalist is just a fancy way to say LIAR and hurt anyone’s feelings.


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